15 Life Hacks That Can Make Life Easier For The Dog Owner

#13 The wound on the claw can be treated with improvised means

If you cut your claws too short and there aren’t any remedies at hand, use regular baking soda, corn starch or flour. Just mix them with a little water and apply to the wound for a few minutes. This will stop the bleeding.

#14 The freshness of the food will keep the container

If for some reason the dog needs to be fed outside the house, a container with a sealed lid will come to the rescue. In it, the food will retain its taste and freshness, which is very important for the pet.

#15 Balls of peanut butter make taking the pill easier

Many owners of four-legged friends more than once faced with a situation where the pet needed to be given medicine, but he resisted as best he could. The sweet peanut butter will come to the rescue, from which you can twist balls. A sticky substance will allow you to hide the medicine inside, which the dog will eat with the ball. Yes, and with pleasure!

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