30 Great Boy Dog Names for Dachshunds

Dachshund is a German hunting dog breed. If you`ve just got a Wiener pup, you should choose a perfect name for your new fur companion.

  •     Herschel (means, “deer”)
  •     Rolf (means, “renown wolf”)
  •     Hansel (“little Hans”)
  •     Wolfgang / Wolf (“wolf path”)
  •     Axel (“father of peace”)
  •     Olaf (“ancestor’s descendent”)
  •     Manfred (“man of peace”)
  •     Bastian (“venerable”)
  •     Heinrich (means, “home power”)
  •     Sigfried / Siegfried (means, “victory, protection, peace”)
  •     Johann (“God is merciful”)
  •     Klaus / Claus (means, “people’s victory”)
  •     Otto (wealth, prosperity)
  •     Fritz (“peace ruler”)
  •     Wilhelm (“resolute protector”)

  •     Friedrich (means, “prince”)
  •     Herman (“soldier” or “army man”)
  •     Karl (means, “manly”)
  •     Maximilian / Max (“greatest”)
  •     Sigmund (“victorious defender”)
  •     Ludwig (“famous war”)
  •     Hans (“Jehovah has been gracious”)
  •     Dieter (remember Dieter’s Dance Party?)
  •     Franz (2 Dachshunds? How about “Hans and Franz?)
  •     Helmut (means, “protection”)
  •     Ralph (“counsel + wolf”)
  •     Heinz (German version of “Henry,” means “home ruler!”)
  •     Gunther (“warrior”)
  •     Gerhard (courageous)

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