33 Beautiful Cat Names for Blind Cats That Are Unique And Adorable

Cats are amazing creatures! Experts say that the cat becomes completely helpless in the only case – if they lost their sense of smell. So if you consider owning a blind cat, don`t worry! They can handle their disability and live a normal life. Here is the list of special cat names for blind cats. Check it if you`re looking for the perfect name for your blind kitten.

  •     Keeper
  •     Cassie
  •     Glory
  •     Lens
  •     Lensy
  •     Hope
  •     Bokie
  •     Daisy
  •     Luna
  •     Chaplin
  •     Kodak
  •     Opal
  •     Kiara
  •     Moonbeam
  •     Coco
  •     Flash
  •     Poppy

  •     Feliciano/a
  •     Bella
  •     Scout
  •     Cecil
  •     Willow
  •     Lady Lux
  •     Appie
  •     Plucky
  •     Iris
  •     Ray
  •     Lucy
  •     Kahlo
  •     Nikita
  •     Ghost
  •     Chloe
  •     Lily

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