Top 50 Beautiful Rare Dog Names With Meanings

If you want your dog to stand out from the crowd in the dog park, you should give your puppy a rare dog name. But you should learn the meaning of this name first.

  •     Sicily: Derived from a famous Italian island.
  •     Serena: This Latin word stands for ‘something peaceful.’
  •     Rex: It’s the Latin word for ‘king.’
  •     Floyd: A Celtic name that stands for ‘grey.’
  •     Aurora: Inspired by the otherworldly aurora borealis
  • Costello: An English word that means “son of Oisdealbhach.”
  •     Harper: A British word that stands for ‘a harpist and minstrel.’
  •     Wallaby: A small, kangaroo-like creature.
  •     Ivan: A Russian name that means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Dymond: A town located in Ontario.
  •     Valdis: A Norse name.
  • Gev: It’s a Persian word that means ‘warrior.’
  • Parker: Of British origin, it means a park keeper.
  •     Saundra: This Scottish word means ‘defender of mankind.’
  •     Stalene: It means ‘bright like a star.’
  •     Fochik: Of Chickasaw origin, it means ‘stars.’
  •     Rosalia: Popular Spanish word that means ‘rose.’
  • Einar: Of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘warrior.’
  •     Cruz: Latino word that means ‘cross.’
  •     Goliath: A character from the bible.
  •     Venetia: This word stands for the city of cas in Italy.
  • Hercules: Greek demi-god.
  • Rosabel: This nature-inspired Latin name means ‘beautiful flower.’
  • Lootus: An Estonian word that means ‘the bringer of hope.’
  •     Ande: It’s a Swedish word that means ‘spirit.’
  • Aldis: An exotic name of English origin.
  •     Ava: A Hebrew word that means ‘life.’

  • Nova: This name has two origins—Native American (means the one who chases butterfly) and Latin (means new).
  • Serilda: This Teutonic name means ‘a woman warrior.’
  •     Aramis: The third musketeer.
  • Rahana: This name means ‘sweet basil.’
  • Magnus: It is a Danish word that means ‘great.’
  •     Cion: Gaelic word that means ‘affectionate.’
  •     Salome: It stands for ‘peace’ in Hebrew.
  • Arsenic: ‘Poison.’
  •     Piper: This British word describes someone who plays the pipe.
  •     Layla: A word of Arabic origin that stands for ‘night beauty.’
  •     Magnolia: The state tree of Mississippi.
  • Apollo: Name of A Greek god.
  •     Phantom: A name derived from the Phantom of the Opera.
  •     Trixie: It means ‘fun-loving.’
  •     Shanay: It is a word that defines ‘God’s graciousness.’
  •     Elise: A spiritual word that means ‘oath of God.’

  • Ramesses: Name inspired by the Egyptian pharaoh.
  •     Liam: Irish word that stands for ‘guardian.’
  • Lakota: This Native American word means ‘friend.’
  •     Runako: An African American name that means ‘handsome.’
  •     Keely: This name means beauty. This moniker has an Irish and Celtic origin.
  • Genghis: Derived from Genghis Khan.
  •     Earl: A rank of nobility in England.
  •     Igloo: Inspired by the ice structure.
  •     Shilin: Gaelic word that stands for ‘cherry.’

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