14 Interesting Facts About Newfoundlands

#7 Newfoundland was a popular choice for several former U.S. presidents. James Buchanan had a dog named Lara, Rutherford B. Hayes had a Hector, and Ulysses Grant’s son, Jesse, had a dog named Faithful.

#8 The Newfoundland breed is often called babysitting dogs because they are so good with children of all ages.

#9 For centuries, Newfoundland has been known as a real workhorse, both on water and on land. They carried carts and were used as a “pack horse”.

#10 It is believed that Newfoundlands are completely devoid of aggression. This is one of the kindest breeds: this dog cannot attack humans.

#11 Newfoundlands molt quite strongly throughout the year. In spring and autumn, this breed completely discards the undercoat.

#12 Newfoundland wool has a natural lubricant that makes it waterproof and even dirt-repellent.

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