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40+ Gaelic Dog Names – Scottish Gaelic Names For A Dog

Gaelic is the Celtic language of Scotland and is used mostly in the early times. Also, it is the common language spoken by some people in the western part of Ireland. One great thing about this language is that it is being used to name pets because of its meaning. So we’ve created this list […] More

120 Best Llama Names – Cute & Funny Names for Your Llama

If you love animals and have enough space for a big animal,  we recommend llama as your pet. They are lovely, friendly and what’s important is if you have farm animals like goats or sheeps, llamas will help you to guard your farm animals. We love llamas! You will definitely find your next llama name […] More

Panther Names: 230 Best And Famous Names for Panthers

Panthers are really tough animals that are also great swimmers and climbers. So there’s no escape from them for their prey since they are able to jump about 20 feet vertically! Their jumping ability, along with excellent hearing and eyesight, makes them excellent hunters. Check out these awesome panther names that should inspire you in […] More

100+ Dumb & Stupid Cat Names for Your Silly Kittens

Most cat owners pick their cat’s names based on their cat’s character and personality. Choosing a name based on that is a good option.  Some cats are always doing something silly that will make you laugh. And if you want to name him/her with a dumb cat names, here we’ve compiled the complete dumb and […] More

150+ Bengali Cat Names – Unique Name Ideas For Your Cats

When you’re blessed with an adorable cat, you want to name him/her with a unique name that has a beautiful meaning. Bengali names would be a good choice to name your kitten.  Bengali is a widely spoken language in Bangladesh and India and considered the  sixth most spoken language by the total number of speakers […] More

200 Telugu Cat Names – Unique Name Ideas For Your Cats

Everyone wants to name their adorable kitten with unique, distinctive names with a good meaning and beautiful, especially a name from a different culture.  Telugu name is a good option for you if you are looking for a cat name since it is unique and beautiful. So, here are some Telugu cat name ideas to […] More

100 Unique Marathi Cat Names With Meanings

Marathi is one of the classical Indian languages that are taken from Hindu mythology, like Ramayana or Mahabharata. And it’s the official language in the Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India.  If you are looking for a name for your cute cat, Marathi name would be a good idea since it’s unique and beautiful. […] More

Hawk Names – The 130+ Most Popular Names for Hawks

Hawks are intelligent wild animals that love hunting small animals like snakes, lizards, mice, rabbits, etc as their prey. If you have a hawk as a pet, make sure to use any safety in your hands because they have strong talons if they grab your hands. Though some people believed that hawks are wild and […] More

Pot Belly Pig Names – 220+ Best Names For A Pot-Bellied Pig

Potbellied pigs are charming, intelligent, and affectionate animals. They usually have black spots around their body. However, not all potbelly pigs are good pets as they turn out aggressive and difficult to keep entertained. If you still have one, then view our list of pig names for these cute animals. Check this list of 220+ […] More

130+ Indian Cow Names With Meanings | Cow Names In Hindi, Tamil, Etc.

Cows are considered to be sacred animals in mainland India. Most Hindus respects cows since they represent strength and gentle nature. This is why we’ve created a list of Indian cow names to inspire people to bless their cows with meaningful names. Traditionally in India, honoring cows inspired people the virtues of gentleness. Also, cows […] More

90+ Popular Tamil Cat Names – Unique Name Ideas For Cute Kittens

Tamil was the first to be classified as a classical language of India and is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. So, naming your cute and adorable kitten with Tamil names would be a good option since it’s unique and classic.  We know that looking for a Tamil name would be hard, […] More

100+ Spice Inspired Dog Names – Unique Way To Name Your Dogs

Spices are the important source for our food since it can increase the appetite and without it the foods would be tasteless.  But, to use spice names as the inspiration to name your canine best friend is pretty common these days. You can find Cinnamon, a Yorkshire terrier owned by Raj in the TV show […] More

50+ Witch Cat Names

Cats look so cute!! But if you do something wrong they can be so angry! They can become true evil!!!     Marduk – god of the city of Babylon     Mania – Etruscan goddess of Hell     Thamuz – Sumerian god who later was relegated to devildom     Shiva – Hindu […] More

140 Best Pet Raccoon Names (Cute, Funny, & Famous Names)

While raccoons are wild animals, they are also exotic and intelligent creatures. They are curious animals that sometimes become a problem as well like making a mess, housebreaking, and many others. But overall, if you are able to tame them, they would be a great pet. In this article, we covered all the best raccoon […] More

Persian Cat Names: 350 Best Names for Persian Cats

Persian cats are known for their sweet temperament, long coat and they are affectionate to humans. That’s why they are recommended pets due to their friendly behaviour towards humans. If you own a persian cat as a pet, here are persian cat name ideas for you.  Male Persian Cat Names Aladdin Diego Anubis Buddy Martin […] More

390+ Best Cheetah Names – Best Ways To Name Your Cheetah

Cheetahs are the world’s fastest mammal and it quite impossible running away from them. Lol. Cheetahs are mostly seen in the wildlife and zoos that’s why it’s not surprising that there are many people interest to keep this iconic animal as pet. If you own one, then here’s a list of the best names for […] More

250 Best Bengal Cat Names – Most Popular Bengal Cat Name Ideas

If you have a Bengal cat, you must be very lucky since this breed has an exotic color that comes from their leopard cat ancestry. Though they look like wild cats in appearance, but this cat breed is actually sweet and loving. They are also active and extremely athletic and easily attach to their owner.  […] More

Complete List Of Foreign of Cat Names From All Over The World

In this modern era, we are living connected to all over the world and easily find name ideas based on the cultures, beliefs and traditions from any place around the globe. So, giving your kitten cute international names is considered to be a good option, and it would be a unique way to name your […] More

750+ Best Indian Cat Names – Complete Name Ideas For Cute Cats

When you have a cat, you should pick their name carefully since it’s gonna stick to them forever. Though some cat parents like to choose a name right away, while others search for the unique and best way to name their cute kitten.  If you are searching for a good way to name your adorable […] More

Cow Names: The 700 Most Popular Names for Cows

Cows are known to the best milk producers globally, and there are about six main dairy breeds. These main breeds are Ayshire, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, and Holstein (the black and white spotted cows.) We have prepared a list of the best cow names for every color so it would be easier for […] More

White Cow Names – 60+ Best Cow Names For White Cows

White cows or the British White are one of the oldest cow breeds originally from Lancashire. The fact is that this cow breed are good milk producers and are very docile animals. View our list of the best white cow names that should inspire you if you own one and are wandering around your farm. […] More

Brown Cow Names – 60+ Best Cow Names For A Brown Cow

Brown cows are also known as brown Swiss cattle originating from Switzerland. They are the oldest breed of dairy cattle and usually have brown or tan fur with white muzzles. They can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. So we have here a list of brown cow names that you can check out if you need […] More

80+ Black & White Cow Names – Best Cow Names For A Black & White Cow

Also known as Hotstein cattles, black and white cows are huge cows that produce quality milk originating from the Netherlands. So check out this list of the best black and white cow names that you should consider if you have one! Cookies and Cream Oreo Inkblot Tux Magpie Vega Penguin Latte Bessie or Bess Dapple […] More

40+ Disney Cow Names – Cow Names From Disney Movies & Cartoons

There are many cows used as characters in Disney world and we can’t help but compile a list of these characters and come up with these awesome Disney cow names. This might inspire you in naming your cow and even any other pet. So check out this cool collection of the best Disney cow names […] More

Rabbit Names: The 700 Most Popular Bunny Names

Rabbits are adorable and cute animals that make it wonderful to keep as a pet. Just like dogs, if you are keeping a rabbit, you need to prepare toys, since they are playful, active and curious animals. They also need some training, but you don’t need to worry since they are quite trainable. And the […] More

50+ Female Bengal Cat Name Ideas

The Bengal cat was bred by the crossing of domestic cats, the Asian leopard cat, and the Egyptian Mau. Bengals have a wild appearance and look exotic, they have rosettes, markings, or marbling.     Amber     Beth     Tia     Stella     Molly     Holly     Demi   […] More

Top 30 Best Female Bengal Cat Names

We would like to introduce our best collection of the best cat name ideas for Bengal Cats. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Good luck!     Fiona     Nora     Georgie     Trixie     Lola     Bella     Demi     Minnie     […] More

Top 30 Best Male Bengal Cat Names

Bengal cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. There are so many people who love this cat breed due to its exotic color and wild appearance.  If you have a male Bengal cat and are looking for a name, here are some of our best name ideas for you, to […] More

59 Coffee Inspired Dog Names for True Coffee Lovers

To some people, coffee plays an important role in their life. This black and bitter smooth taste drink tend to make people’s day better. If you are a coffee lover and haven’t figured out what to name your dog, it’s probably the best option to choose your dog inspired by coffee themed since there are […] More

200+ Otter Names and the Cutest Names for Otters

Having a pet sea otter is quite rare nowadays but it’s actually fun naming them. Fun fact: An otter pup’s fur is so dense that it can’t dive underwater just yet until it gets its adult fur. Otters can also hold their breath for as long as 5 minutes underwater. So what is the best […] More

Moose Names: Over 80 Good and Famous Names For a Moose

Moose are considered to be the largest of all deer species with their recognizable huge antlers! They have massive bodies, humped backs, long faces, and thin legs and are known to be aggressive animals. If you have a moose as a pet on your farm, then you are a moose enthusiast and you can handle […] More

250+ Twin Cat Names for Sibling Duo Cats | PetPress

If your cat gave birth to 2 kittens or twins, then this is the best place for you to pick their names. Here is a compiled list of the best, funny, and famous tandem names you can give to those 2 cuties. Best Cat Pair Names Bart & Lisa Thelma & Louise Henny & Penny […] More

Tiger Names: 560+ Best Names for Tigers

Tigers are the largest cat species lurking around the wildlife. They are humble amongst other tigers as well and can live up to 25 years as well. Believe it or not, a punch from a tiger may kill you. That’s how strong they are. But there is nothing to fear about tigers as they do […] More

Top Tiger Name Articles – Best Ways To Name A Tiger

Tigers are wild animals that can’t be tamed easily due to their aggressive behavior, that’s why we’re not recommending you get a tiger as a pet. Even so, there are some people who keep a tiger as their beloved pet, even playing around with this predator animal. If you are thinking of getting one, you […] More

50+ Cute Baby Tiger Names That Are Adorable | PetPress

Tiger cubs are cute and adorable, but you should prepare that in their first year they can grow bigger than you think and gain hundreds of pounds. So if you want to play or wrestle with a tiger cub, remember with their height and weight they can push down an adult human. In this article, […] More

50+ Famous Tiger Names Inspired From Movies & Disney

Tigers are strong, large, and aggressive animals that can take down their prey easily in just a short amount of time, that’s what makes most people afraid of this animal. But now people love to keep a tiger as a pet since there are many movies, literature, comics, and animation shows about tigers. If you […] More

Top Penguin Name Articles – Best Ways In Naming A Penguin

Penguins are cute and adorable creatures, no wonder many people enjoy having an exotic animal like a penguin be their pet. But in some countries, there are rules and regulations from the government regarding keeping exotic animals. Penguins are social animals, they are living in groups and can’t live alone. So, If you still want […] More

Top 90+ Cute Penguin Names (For Male, Female, And Baby Penguins)

No one can’t argue that this little creature is the cutest animal on the planet. They behave like a little chick that follows its owner wherever they go. They come in many sizes and weights according to their species. In this article, we help you to find penguin names that are cute, from male, female, […] More

50+ Funny Penguin Names That Are Cute | PetPress

Penguins are quite comedians due to their actions and also they are so well dressed, especially when you see in some cartoons how hilarious they could be. In this article, we make a list of funny penguin names, in case you would like to name your cute penguins based on their funny behavior. Here are […] More

Top 20+ Famous Penguin Names From Movies | PetPress

Mostly everyone is penguin fans since they are adorable and cute animals. That’s why many movie producers created penguin characters in the movie, and mostly in animated movies such as Penguins of Madagascar, Surf up, Happy Feet, and many others. In this article, we’ve covered all famous penguin names inspired by movie characters, and here’s […] More

Top 20+ Famous Sloths Names From Movies | PetPress

Since sloths became a popular pet, many TV and film producers are taking note to make sloth characters in films and movie cartoons. It was a huge success to bring out the sloth characters to a movie since many people love it. You can name Sid or Brook from “ Ice Age” or Belt from […] More

Best Ways To Name A Sloth – Good, Cute, & Funny Names For A Pet Sloth

Sloths are exotic animals that recently has been popular among humans. These mammals have long legs, stumpy tails, and rounded heads with inconspicuous ears. Sloths are known as a wild animal and slow-moving pace, they love to hang and climb trees upside down easily. If you have a sloth as a pet, in this article […] More

50+ Best Pirate Parrot Names | Famous Pirate Names For A Parrot

If you ever watched a pirate movie, the captain of the pirates mostly has a similar pet and it’s a parrot. The parrot mostly reports to the captain if anyone of the crew messes up with anything. Well, obviously parrots are smart and intelligent animals. They quickly learn by imitating humans, so you can say […] More

Budgie Names – The 500 Most Popular Names for Budgies

Often Budgies are referred to as a “beginner” bird. So if you are lucky enough to be getting a budgie, or also called a parakeet which is part of the parrot species, here are some parrot names to consider. We have put together both male and female names for budgies or also including names based […] More

Parakeet Names – The 500 Most Popular Names for Parakeets

Parakeets are small to medium-sized parrot species that usually have long tail feathers. They also have a green-yellow color mix with spots of black that makes them magnificent birds! So we couldn’t help but create the best parrot names for these adorable ones. Check out the best parakeet names that you should consider for your […] More

Cockatiel Names – The 300 Most Popular Names for Cockatiels

Cockatiels have the most lovable nature, and they should have a name that matches it. They are part of the parrot family and they are also small, so we came up with a list of parrot names for these adorable birds. Here are 300 of our favorite names for Cockatiels. Male Cockatiel Names Romeo Bobo […] More

Green Parrot Names: 70 Best Names for Green Parrots

Parrots are pets from the ancient times that have been kept in the cage. They have been popular pets amongst humans due to their beautiful sound and color. Some of them have vivid colors like green. You can find many parrots that have a green color as well as any other colors and multi-color. If […] More

Male Parrot Names – The 200 Most Popular Names for Male Parrots

Some people might find parrots are not an ideal pet since they have wild instincts. When they become mature, they are more likely to be aggressive animals and bite. But due to its beautiful colors and sounds, people tend to pet them at an early age and teach them how to socially behave. In this […] More

109 Twin Sibling Cat Names For Adorable And Cute Twin Cats

Once your cat gives birth, you’ll have a double portion of love, joy and happiness, especially when your cat gives birth to more than 1 cat.  But it also means it’ll double your time to spend looking for cat names. So, to help you find the perfect names for twin sibling cats, here are our […] More

Top 36 Twin Sister Cat Names For Your Beautiful Cats

Naming a female cat sometimes can be hard since you must pick a good and perfect name for your cute kittens. And naming two female cats at once would give you a headache, Lol.  But no need to worry, we know naming two sister cats would be hard for you, that’s why we compiled the […] More

70+ Best & Hilarious Girl Goat Names | Good Names For A Girl Goat

A female goat is also called by doe or nanny and you can tell the difference between male and female. When it comes to pregnancy, does come into estrus, so they usually show a decrease in appetite and milk production. And for female goats usually 10 to 11 years lifespan. If you have a female […] More

60 Best Boy Goat Names Ideas | Funny Names For A Boy Goat

A male goat also called by buck. They are much larger, broader and more muscular than female goats (does). Though some goats have horns, but it depends on the breed. And since male goats have a longer life expectancy than does, their lifespan is mostly 15 – 18 years. If you have a boy goat, […] More

30+ Bad & Inappropriate Goat Names To Avoid | PetPress

Goats are naturally curious animals, so you might find them end up climbing a tree or trying to escape their pens since they have agility and inquisitiveness. Goats are intelligent creatures and able to form a bond. So, if you have goats, either male or female make sure to not name them with Vincent van […] More

40+ Twin Goat Names – Names For A Pair Of Goats | PetPress

Goats are cute animals that are also considered livestock and are producers of milk as well. Some people love to keep them as pets and having 2 of them is even better. They are usually farm animals and consider yourself lucky if you have twins. So we prepare a list of goat names for twin […] More

Over 60 Irish Goat Names – Gaelic Goat Names With Meanings

Giving Irish names to goats is perfectly fine for these farm animals. We also included some Gaelic goat names with good meanings that you could consider. Not only that, but we also have interesting Irish goat names from Irish drinks and places that you will love. Here are the best Irish goat names for your […] More

20+ Disney Goat Names – The Most Popular Goat Names in Disney

Goats are popular animals that are also being used as characters in the Disney world. They are indeed cute animals and have a lot of cute characteristics. So we’ve prepared this list of famous Disney goats that you could consider for naming your goat. Check out these Disney goat names that will make you reminisce […] More

40+ Best Goat Names In Tamil For Male & Female

The Tamil language has been widely used for pet names since it has really good meanings and a very cool pronunciation. Whether you have a male or female goat, we have the best goat names in Tamil for you to consider. Check these good Tamil goat names and their meanings! Male Goat Names in Tamil […] More

List of 50+ Most Famous Snail Names EVER! | PetPress

Snail is a fascinating creature. They can live in any situation they are in, even under the stone. They can find their food in their natural habitat where they live. With this fact, it’s probably best to give them a famous name such as Loki, Jerry or Billy. But, Beast would be the best snail […] More

Best Ways To Name A Pet Snail – Good, Funny, & Famous Snail Names

Snails are small and cute animals that you can find all over the world. Though they are relatively small in size, there are some snails that reach 12 inches. Some people might see snails as delicious food to eat especially in France, Portugal, and Spain, but for some people find snails are beautiful, cute little […] More

30+ Best Famous Monkey Names That Are Cute & Funny

Most of the time when you think famous monkey names, you think Abu from Aladin. Just one of the many famous monkey names from disney movies. But there are also still many monkey characters in movies that became famous and you can use their name to your monkey. You can use Spike from Ace Ventura, […] More

70+ Famous Monkey Names Inspired By Disney Characters

There are many movie characters that starred by a monkey and then the name became so famous. One of them is “ Abu” from Aladdin, who always sits on Aladdin’s shoulder. Or maybe “ Sieg Heil” from Raiders From The Lost Ark. You’ll find many famous monkey names inspired by Disney movies. Here is the […] More

Best Ways To Name A Monkey – Cute, Funny, & Famous Monkey Names

Monkeys are one of the popular animals. Though monkeys are a rare primate animal, people like to pet them. They are known for their intelligence and funny acts. You still can find them all over the world in different shapes, sizes, and colors since there are 260 types of monkeys.  So if you have a […] More

135 Popular Tamil Dog Names and Their Meanings

Male Dog Names in Tamil Rakshan – Lord Vishnu Kausar – Lake of paradise Vallabh – Beloved Uthaman – Truthful Mathi – Arivu Jayaditya – Sun Muthu – Pearl Namish – Lord Vishnu Vettri – Brave Vibhakar – One who emits light Nallavan – Benevolent Thangam – Gold Idly – A famous south Indian dish […] More

135 Space Names for Cats: Stellar Feline Name Ideas!

If you love astronomy, you will love these stellar space cat names for your new kitten. Our list of 135 space inspired names goes so much farther than just the names of the planets. Galaxy (Gally) Twilight Aurora Crescent Helene Ursa Cosmo Phoebe Oberon Bianca Pollux Comet Prospero Selene (“moon” in Greek) Harlow (for Harlow […] More

Frog Names – Over 500 Best Ideas For Naming Your Pet Frog

Frogs are adorable and cute little animals that can be perfect to keep as a pet for the right person, though there are some frog species that are dangerous and could harm you. But in some places, frogs can be turned into delicious food and also medicine. Some people find frogs are boring animals to […] More

600 Best Duck Names – Famous Names for Male & Female Ducks

Ducks are known to be outgoing social animals and enjoy the outdoors. They feel most comfortable to be in a larger group of ducks. Also, ducks can live for up to 20 years depending on the species and if taken care of. So it’s important to choose the best name for your pet duck as […] More

Donkey Names: 500 Good Ideas for Names for Donkeys

Just like Shrek’s partner in crime, naming donkeys is actually a fun and creative way to show our love to them. Here’s a fact: donkey can live for up to 50 years and are very strong and intelligent. So finding a unique name for its lifespan is important! Here’s a compiled list of the best […] More

200+ Names for Pet Tortoises (Cool, Funny, & Famous Names)

Tortoises are known for their long lifespan, they even can outlive you. If you choose a tortoise as a pet, it means you should consider taking care of them for a long time. Not to mention, each tortoise can be different from one to another, so if you keep more than one tortoise, you can’t […] More

40 Twin Brother and Sister Cat Names That Are Cute And Adorable

If your cat gave birth to both male and female kittens, then congratulations!. They must be cute and adorable.  But also important thing is you need to find a perfect name for both brother and sister, so, it will be easier for you to train them by calling their names.  And here we’ve compiled the […] More

Top 100 Twin Cat Names – Cute And Adorable Twin Cat Name Ideas

Most cats give birth to more than one kitten at once. So, if your cats just recently gave birth or are pregnant, you should prepare for the names of the newborn kittens.  We know that looking for cat names is challenging and might take your time. So, we’re here to help you by compiling the […] More

150+ Best Twin Cat Names – Cute And Adorable Twin Cat Name Ideas

Being an owner of twin cats is really special. You will have a double portion of love, joy, and meows. And you should remember that you must look for twin names as well.  We know that looking for a name is not an as easy task as it seems. It’s a time consuming task you […] More

Food Cat Names – 500 Cute & Funny Food Names for Cats

I love food. I love cats. Why not combine the two and give your cat a name inspired by cats. We are serious. Before you think that’s too weird, hear us out. Peanut is a perfectly acceptable cat name that also doubles as a salty nut. Ginger and Coco are also candy names for cats. […] More

240+ Penguin Names (Cute, Funny, Good, and Famous Names)

It’s always fun naming our new pet friend, but naming penguins? Not really an easy task unless you watch Madagascar! Here are some of the best names you can give your penguin.   Best Penguin Names Frosty Snow Cassie Pannie Christian Solana Norbert Peace Scout Igloo Francesca Bianca Flipper Fisher Minnie Misty Mia Nick Ice […] More

200+ Pet Sloth Names (Cute, Funny, Male, and Female Names)

Sloths are know for their “slow” nature as their conserve energy by moving slower than other mammals. They are also considered to be everyone’s spirit animal as they eat, sleep, and hang out in trees all day. Lazy you say? Naming them would be fun as we know their personality. Here are the best names […] More

Parrot Names – The 500 Most Popular Names for Parrots

With around 372 different species, parrots are special birds originating from tropical areas. Parrots are often brightly colored which adds ‘color’ to a household along with their cool talent of imitating human voices. If you have recently got a pet parrot, you might have a difficult time naming them. It depends on your interests and […] More

Goat Names: The 500 Most Popular Names for Goats

Did you know goats were one of the first animals to be brought to America? Goats were first tamed by humans about 11,000 years ago and were considered one of the most popular animals in the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Also, goats can be taught their names and interact quickly whenever they are […] More

160 Best Snail Names – Cute & Funny Names for Your Pet Snail

Believe it or not, there are many people who love to keep snails as pets. They are slow indeed but they are also magnificent. There are many types of snails, but they could also be either aquatic or terrestrial. So we have created this cool list of the best snail names for you to choose […] More

200+ Best Monkey Names that are Cute for Boy & Girl Monkeys

Unlike a cat or a dog, owning a pet monkey could be very challenging in terms of pet care and maintenance. With over 260 species, monkeys are also very sensitive and require a safe ground where they can call ‘home’. Thus, giving them the perfect name is important. Here are some of the funny, cool, […] More

Top 75 Trendy Anime Dog Names

Are you a true anime lover? Do you like these strange characters with big eyes? If you`re an anime fan, you should consider a dog name for your pup that came from one of your favorite animated series.     Carlos     Hinata     Maru     Light     Pakkun     […] More

135 Female Indian Dog Names – Best Female Dog Names in India

Female Indian Dog Names with Meanings Smita – Happy Face Asha – Hope Rasna – Joy Kaali – The Black Goddess Amiya – Delight Pritika – Beloved One Sundar – Beautiful Prapti – Catch Up Neha – Cherished Chandra – Shining Moon Jihan – Cosmos Devi – Goddess Magna – Thinking Saryu – Moving Air […] More

340+ Best Indian Dog Names (Punjabi, Sanskrit & Hindi Names)

India is a beautiful country that has many languages and attracts many people to come visit. Due to their many languages it makes it perfect to choose an Indian name for your precious one, including your dog. If you are looking for any Indian names for your dog, we’ve covered all the best names to […] More

100+ Chocolate Inspired Cat Names For Cute Brown Kittens

No one can argue how yummy chocolate is. The sweet and bitter taste mixed together will make you can’t stop eating it. Chocolate has inspired us with a cute name, so if you have a brown kitten, you should probably name him/her by chocolate names. So here we’ve covered all cat names inspired by chocolates […] More

90+ Spice Inspired Cat Names That Are Cute For Your Kittens

There are so many unique ways to name your adorable cats like ginger and cinnamon. It’s popular names, and it’s inspired by spice food names.  You can find tons of ideas inspired by spices, especially if you love cooking or your cat is a big eater. So, we’ve compiled all the best spice cat names […] More

50+ Best Coffee Inspired Cat Names For Your Cute Kittens

Coffee is our favorite drink to start a day. A glass of coffee in the morning can boost our mood throughout the day. So, if you are a coffee lover and have a cat as well, naming your cute kitten with a coffee name is a good option.  So, here we’ve compiled all the best […] More

80+ Best Mexican Food Inspired Cat Names For Male And Female Kittens

Are you interested in Mexican cultures and foods? Well, there are so many delicious Mexican foods like Taco, Burrito, Nacho, Tamale that are mouth watering.  Also, Mexican foods are not only delicious but also can inspire you to find a unique name for your cute kitten since Mexican food names are specials. Though Mexican is […] More

70+ Korean Food Cat Names For Bat Male And Female Kittens

If you ever taste Korean foods, you’ll know how hard it is to stop eating since it’s so delicious and spicy. Also, Korean food names are unique that will inspire you naming your adorable cat.  So, if you are looking for a cat name, Korean food names would be a unique way to name him/her. […] More

Pig Names: The 500 Most Popular Male and Female Pig Names

Who wouldn’t love to own a pig as a pet? Pigs are very clean animals and they love belly rubs! However, another difficult thing to do is naming a newly owned pig or a newborn piglet. Naming them is an important part as pigs do have excellent memories. Whether they are male or female, we […] More

110+ Cheese Inspired Cat Names – For Cute Male And Female Kittens

Food names have been popular today for a cat name, since it’s unique and easy to remember, including cheese names.  If you are looking for a cat name, we suggest you name your cute kitten with a cheese name, since cheese is a favorite food. It’s hard to eat any meal without cheese.  Just like […] More

Top 200 Best Names for Pet Bats

For many years, bats are considered to be intimidating by their spooky figures, their beady eyes, sharp fangs. They can live up to 30 years and fly at speeds of up to 60 mph. Interesting fact is that there are over 1,300 species of bats in the world, some of which are small and some […] More

Elephant Names: Over 400 Best Names For Boy, Girl, And Baby Elephants

Naming a new pet elephant may be more difficult than actually bringing them home! So here are various names we can suggest for your elephant, whether they are male, female or baby. Best Elephant Names Mary Packy Topsy Marx Lizzie Ziggy Avril Jumbo Logan Bodhi Cherie Charlie Althea Tusko Jackie Hattie Malia Zarina Kandula Lino […] More

Koala Names: The 140+ Most Famous Names for Koala Bears

Koalas are one of the cutest and most famous animals originating from Australia. In fact, they have incredibly cute fuzzy ears and are fluffy, and live in trees! If you’re looking for names for your pet koala, then here are the best koala names and also famous names from movies or TV shows! Best Koala […] More

300+ Cute Food Cat Names – Delicious Food Names For Kittens

Have you ever heard someone call his/her cat with a food name?  Well, if you have, you might find it’s a unique way to name a cat with a food name. But if you haven’t you should consider naming your cat with a food name.  There are tons of cute food names that could inspire […] More

100+ Dessert Cat Names – Yummy And Cute Name Ideas For Your Kittens

Dessert satisfies our life as the concluding meal, that’s why everyone loves it. There are so many delicious and mouth watering desserts all over the world with various kinds of tastes, shapes and recipes.  Besides that, dessert also provides inspiration to name our lovely pet, especially for cats. You can find there are many dessert […] More

150+ Funny And Hilarious Food Cat Names For Male And Female Kittens

If you are a fan of comedy movies, or even your friend said that you are hilarious, funny and have a good sense of humor, you need to name your cat with a funny name. If you still haven’t figured out the funny name for your cat, we suggest you name him/her with a funny […] More

80+ Cookie Inspired Cat Names For Both Male And Female Kittens

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80+ Best Fruit Inspired Cat Names For Male And Female Kittens

Fruits are healthy for humans and also for some animals like cats. But sometimes, it is rarely hard to find any cat eating fruit, since they prefer meat over fruit.  If you are looking for a unique way to name your adorable kitten, naming him/her based on fruit names would be a good idea, especially […] More

40+ Chinese Food Inspired Cat Names For Your Cute Kittens

Chinese is a great country with a rich history and culture that can provide you with so many inspirations, including delicious and yummy cuisines and unique names.  If you have an adorable cat, naming him/her with a chinese food name would be a unique idea, and your cat’s name would be different with any other […] More

260 Best Pet Names For Girlfriend – Nicknames For Your Lovely Girl

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170+ Best Pet Names For Boyfriend – Unique Nickname For Your Lovely Man

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90 Candy Inspired Cat Names for Your Sweet Kittens

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Top 155 Best Food Dog Names for Your Adorable Puppy

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70+ French Foods For Your Cute And Adorable Dog Names

France is one of the beautiful places that most people love to visit. It provides beautiful landscapes, sexy language and of course, delicious foods.  Not only French cuisines are delicious and yummy, but also French foods have unique names that are easy to remember and those names are suitable for your dogs.  So if you […] More

60 Cookie Inspired Dog Names For Both Male & Female Dogs

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50+ Candy Inspired Dog Names – Sweet Male & Female Dog Name Ideas

Candy is a symbol of sweetness.  So no doubt that most people are like chewing and eating candy. If your dog is as sweet as candy, it is probably a good option to name your puppy after the candy.  In this article, we’ve covered all the candy names so you could get inspired to find […] More

100+ Dessert Inspired Dog Names – Yummy And Sweet Name Ideas

When looking for a dog name, most people are thinking of names based on their dog characters, behaviours, color coat, etc. But, some people are looking for a different idea on dog names. Naming your dog inspired by dessert is one of the unique ways to name your dog. Dessert is sweet, yummy, delicious and […] More

30+ Fruit Names For Dogs That Are Fits For Both male And Female Dogs

Fruits are one of the healthy food groups for humans because they contain so much calcium, vitamins, and many more that will keep you healthy.  Even so, for some people, fruit names can inspire them to name their babies and even their pets, including dogs.  So, if you are looking for a dog name, giving […] More

40+ Black Pig Names – Best Names With Meanings For A Black Pig

The large black pig is a breed of domestic pig that originated from the UK. They are usually fully black and bigger than the normal pig species. Even their ears, noses, and tails are longer and have hair that protects them from any harmful weather. Believe it or not, they can weigh between 270 to […] More

40+ Mini Pig Names – Best Names For A Teacup Pig Or Piglet

Mini pigs or teacup piglets are pigs that don’t usually grow bigger by the day. Yup, they do stay small and are adorable to keep as pets! Discover this list of over 40 mini pig names that are fit for a teacup pig or piglet. These suggestions can also be considered for both males and […] More

Cute Pig Names – 100+ Cutest Names For A Pig Or Piglet

Pigs and even piglets are smart and attentive animals. They have excellent memories so if you’re looking to name your pet pig, then you should choose the best one. We can’t help but create a list of cute pig names for these cute animals. If you have a cute pig wandering around, then check these […] More

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100+ Food Names For Your Cute And Adorable Dogs

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Cute Sheep Names – Over 100 Cute Names For A Sheep

Baby sheep are called lambs and they usually leave their mothers after 2-3 months. However, they have poor eyesight while growing up so they are always guided by ewes. So we’ve compiled cute sheep names that are fit for these wooly animals when they are first born. Check our list of over 100 ideas of […] More

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Male sheep, also called “rams”, are generally aggressive animals, especially during the breeding season. They can actually cause serious injuries if they are abused but we wouldn’t want that to happen, of course! So we’ve compiled the best boy sheep names for you to consider if you have a male sheep roaming around your farm. […] More

150+ Girl Sheep Names – Best Female Names For A Sheep

Female sheep are said to have an excellent sense of smell. They are also known as “ewes” and are very caring mothers. Girl sheep create deep bonds with their lambs that can recognize them by their call (bleat) when they wander too far away. Check out these cool sheep names for a female sheep that […] More

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Rooster Names: 200+ Most Popular Names for Roosters

Roosters are great protectors of a flock and have aggressive behavior against threats. Roosters are also the only bird to be included in the zodiac sign. So if you own one, you might be asking “What should I name my rooster?” Don’t worry! We can definitely help you. Here are over 200 most popular rooster […] More

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Siamese Cat Names: 500 Names For Male & Female Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are known to be one of the oldest cat breeds on the planet as well as their distinctive color and appearance. Interesting fact: One of the earliest known owners of a Siamese cat was actually U.S. President Rutherford B. Haye’s wife, Lucy—which means Siamese cats have a history in the White House, too. […] More

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Sheep Names: 300 Most Famous and Cute Names For Sheep

Interesting fact: Sheep are really smart and highly social animals that like to stay in a flock. They also have a great memory span and can remember other sheep’s faces for up to 2 years! So if you’re considering getting a pet sheep, or growing your flock, then you should name give them the best […] More

100+ Funny And Hilarious Food Dog Names For Male And Female Dogs

When it comes to naming your canine best friend, sometimes a funny name would stick forever in your head since it’s hard to forget.  A funny food name would be a good option especially if your dog is a big eater. And you don’t need to be worried since there are hundreds of funny food […] More

30+ Spicy Female Dog Names For Spicy Food Lovers

Food and drink are favorite themes for naming dogs. These food dog names are funny, tasty, appetite.  There are even coffee inspired dog names. But spice inspired dog names to sound hot! So if you like spicy food, you can give your female puppy one of the following dog names. Blue Clove Poppy Powder Tamara […] More

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The Best Dog Names Meaning by Word | Fire, Love, Loyal & More

Looking for a perfect dog name can be difficult, but most people name his/her dog with a name based on their character, behaviour, coat color, and a good name’s meaning.  But, looking for a good dog’s name with a good meaning is way more difficult. There are tons of good dog name meanings that you […] More

Cute Frog Names | 120+ Cute Name Ideas To Give A Pet Frog

Frogs are really cute amphibians and there is no reason why you won’t keep one as a pet (unless they are the poisonous types). When coming up with frog names, we should consider how they look and if they are a male or female. Here are the best cute frog names we have compiled to […] More

Funny Frog Names | 65 Frog Name Ideas That Are Hilarious!

Sometimes, we can’t help but think of puns when coming up with a pet name. For frogs, we have a lot to share when it comes to punny frog names for naming a new pet frog. ‘Lollihops’ and ‘Plutoad’ are just some of the hilarious ideas we found. So check this list of funny frog […] More

Famous Frog Names – 50 Famous Names For Naming A Frog

Kermit the Frog is one of the most popular frogs in pop culture. Other famous frog names include Trevor from Harry Potter and Tiana from princess and the Frog. These frog names are too cute that we can’t help but create this list of names for your new pet frog. Check out these famous frog […] More

140 Italian Food Names for Dogs That Are Delicious

Italian cuisines are very popular in the world, like Lasagna, Pizza or Spaghetti. Their dishes use high quality ingredients that taste so yummy and delicious.  If you are an Italian food lover and would like to name your lovely puppy with it, we’ve compiled all Italian food dog names! Espresso Tartufo Mezzani Tortellini Pepperoni Pita […] More

Top 50+ Unique Dog Names Meaning Survivor

Many dogs face hardship in their lives and survive, even get stronger. If your dog has experienced those hardships, it should deserve a name that means survivor.  There are many good dog names meaning survivor that probably fits with your dog, and also a name meaning survivor is unique. So, here is the list of […] More

50+ Red Dog Names Meaning Fire

Some dogs are known for their role as an aide to firefighting or a fire mascot like a dalmatian. It is a good way to him/her with a name that means fire.  If you have any kind of dog that has a red color coat, a name meaning fire is also suitable.  There are so […] More

60+ Best Dog Names Meaning Hope For Your Adorable Dogs

Dogs are loyal companions that will be beside you in any situation you are. And sometimes when you are feeling down, they will cheer you up and give you hope that tomorrow is gonna be a better day.  Dogs have unconditional love for their owners, that’s why sometimes they know what their owner’s feel and […] More

120+ Dog Names Meaning Beautiful To Name Your Cute Dogs

No one can argue how beautiful the dogs are. They have honest eyes, loyal behavior, and lovely character. All you need in a friend you can find in a dog, that’s why they are called as the best men’s companions.  If you have a dog and are looking for a name, they deserve a good […] More

100+ Dog Names Meaning Lucky For Your Male & Female Dogs

There are many people that think having a dog can bring luck and fortune. Even if it’s just a myth, but yes, since you won’t be alone again.  If you are also thinking the same, then it’s probably better to name him/her with a name means lucky or fortune. And here we’ve compiled all dog […] More

130+ Dog Names Meaning Blessing For Your Cute Dogs

It hurts when some people hurt dogs, while dogs are loyal to their owner without even care whether you are rich or poor, small or tall, even old or young.  That’s why it’s not a privilege to own a dog, but it’s a blessing! If you have a dog, here are some dog name ideas […] More

60+ Dog Names Meaning Protector For Male And Female Dogs

Dogs are known for their loyal behavior to their owners, including protecting their owners from anything.  It also means they are protecting you from loneliness since they’ll be there for you!  If you have a dog, it is probably best to name him/her with a name that means protector due to their behavior.  In this […] More

80+ Dog Names Meaning Strong – Tough Dog Name Ideas

Some dog breeds are known for their strength and have muscular bodies like Mastiff, German Shepherd, etc.  If you own any kind of dog breeds, it might probably be better to name him/her with a name that means strong. But if your dog breeds are small and don’t have muscular bodies, doesn’t mean your dog […] More

110+ Dog Names Meaning Love For Both Male And Female Dogs

Remember the happiness of getting a dog?  Well, dogs are lovely creatures that can fill our empty hearts with unconditional love and make your day brighter every day.  If you have a dog and are looking for the perfect name, you can name him/her with a name that means love to show their lovely character […] More

100+ Dog Names Meaning Loyal For Your Male And Female Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend due to their loyalty and devoted character to their owner. They also are lovely pets that can get along with children.  If you just adopted a dog, and looked for the perfect names for him/her, why don’t you just pick a name based on their “loyal” character.  Dog’s loyalty is […] More

30+ Spice Inspired Male Dog Names

Food and drink are favorite themes for naming dogs. These names are funny, tasty, appetite. But spice inspired dog names sounds hot! So if you like spicy food, you can give your male puppy one of the following dog names. Brown Wood Apple Alexander Bee Bay Lime Gur Noni Sassafras Lemon Salt Spice Blue Sage […] More

Best Ways To Name Your Goat – Top Name Articles For An Goat

Goats have been living with humans for centuries as farming animals. As humans, we take their milk, meat, fur, skin and it’s common across the world. Just like cows, Goats are ruminants that can live by eating rough plants like grasses or hay. Though goats are farming animals that produce different kinds of products for […] More

Top 75 Beautiful Blue-Eyed Cat Names

Cats have magical eyes! They are so attractive that if you look at the cat with blue like lagoon eyes, you can`t look away. These blue eyes could prise secrets from the blackest souls! So if your kitten has distinctive blue eyes, use this thing as inspiration when choosing the perfect name for him/her.   […] More

Top 50 Most Popular Female Dog Names 2020

The first thing you should do when you get a new dog is to give her a name. Some owners prefer popular dog names and some – unique or rare. Whether you`re still thinking of the perfect moniker, we would like to introduce the Top 50 most popular female dog names 2020. Maybe, you`ll find […] More

Top 50 Best Dog Names for The Smallest Breeds

Dogs of small breeds are very popular today. There are many reasons for that: they are compact and perfect for an apartment, they are really funny and cute, and they have a huge ego despite their small size. So if you`ve just adopted one, here is the list of the best name ideas for your […] More

Top 30 Powerful And Strong Dog Names from Chicago

Chicago is the third of the most populous cities in the USA. It`s also the city filled with the individual spirit and if you visit it once, you`ll fall in love with Chicago forever! It provides a variety of inspiration when we talk about naming a pup: from sports to political figures, from gangsters to […] More

Top 30 Best Thai Cat Names For Siamese Cats (with Meanings)

Thailand is a country of Siamese cat’s appearance. Siamese cats were one of the first cat breeds recognized in the Orient. Then, cats of the breed were brought to North America and Europe where they became one of the most popular breeds. So Thai cat names will be the perfect choice to honor the appearance […] More

Top 200 Unique Tuxedo Cat Names That Can Inspire You Naming your Cat

Tuxedo cats look absolutely adorable. If you meet one, you`ll fall in love with this type of cats forever. Their magic is in contrast to the black and white that can create an image of tuxedo formal wear. Tux (Tuxedo) and Penguin are the most popular cat names for this cat coat type. But let`s […] More

Top 150 Ironic Cat Names for Funky And Adorable Cats

When you just get a little kitten you can see the fear in his eyes. But after a few days, your new fur friend becomes more confident and feels like a house owner. But some cats are always funky and if you own such cat, you should consider our list of ironic cat names before […] More

Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds That You Should Get

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Over 50 Typical Girl Corgi Dog Names That Are Cute And Unique

Corgis are not only great pets, but they are also Royal dogs! So if you want to own a Corgi, you should remember that they are not only sweet and cute pooches, they also have really unique temperament. We created this collection of the most typical Corgi dog names to make it easier to choose […] More

82 Best Creepy Cat Names Inspired by Halloween

Halloween is a great inspiration when we talk about naming your cat. It can be great ideas to use Halloween inspired cat names in case if your kitten birthday or Halloween is your favorite holiday. No matter what is your true Halloween inspiration reason, we collected the best creepy cat names for yours! Have fun! […] More

60+ Best Male Dog Names From Italy

Everybody dreams to visit Italy. The culture of the Italians is lively and colorful, the cuisine is one of the best in the world, Milan is the fashion world`s center, Rome is the keeper of thousand years history.  If you`ve found inspiration in this majestic country to give a name to your dog, here is […] More

33 Beautiful Cat Names for Blind Cats That Are Unique And Adorable

Cats are amazing creatures! Experts say that the cat becomes completely helpless in the only case – if they lost their sense of smell. So if you consider owning a blind cat, don`t worry! They can handle their disability and live a normal life. Here is the list of special cat names for blind cats. […] More

163 Unique Cat Names from Norway (with Meanings)

Looking at this collection you can ask: “Why should I choose a Nordic cat name for my fur baby?” Well, we can explain! First of all, there are a lot of interesting cat myths in Nordic mythology. For example, cats were considered as the sacred animal of the Norse goddess Freyja. Moreover, Nordic people adore […] More

Funny Goat Names – 80 Hilarious Ideas for Naming Your Goat

Sometimes, goats make funny faces that are too cute to unsee. That is why we came up with this list of 80 funny goat names for naming your goat. Check these funny ideas out and consider them when naming a goat. Bleater Pan Freezer Fred Vincent Van Goatie Satyr Amadeus Goat-zart Buttinsky Tungsten Leonardo DiCaprigoat […] More

Cute Goat Names – Over 400 Adorable Names To Give a Goat

Goats are actually cute farm animals that love to eat grass. They come in different colors which makes them even cuter! Here are over 400 cute goat names that you should consider if you have a goat. Dakota Saphire Loki Lorax Posie Parker Sapphire Gypsy Goat Lee Rufus Cocoa Mugwort Saffron Marimba Han Francis Nanko […] More

100+ Arctic Fox Names (Good, Cute, & Funny Names For An Arctic Fox)

The arctic fox is also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox. They are incredibly able to live in low temperatures and can survive even in the temperature 90 – 100 degree celsius. The arctic fox has beautiful white coats to camouflage when they are hunting their prey. It quite rare to […] More

30+ Good & Cute Female Fox (Or Vixen) Names

Female foxes are also called vixens, though it’s hard to tell unless you really know the difference between a male and a female fox, and normally male foxes are heavier than the female. The vixen’s reproductive cycle is twelve months long with an 80% success rate. So if you’re looking for the best female fox […] More

Top 100+ Cute Fox Names (Male & Female) | PetPress

There is no doubt how beautiful and cute a fox is. They have beautiful fur and color that makes anyone love them. And since they also belong to the canine family, this cute animal tends to form a close bond with their owners. Choosing a fox name for these adorable pets may be tricky, but […] More

20+ Funny Fox Names | List of Funny Names For A Pet Fox

Though some foxes might be wild and dangerous, they can do funny and silly things as well once they become your pet. They actually love to play, strike curiosity, and not to mention are friendly. You will find how happy they are when playing a ball, just like cats and dogs. So if you would like […] More

Top 60 Perfect Female Dog Names For Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are a very popular breed in the world due to their energetic, playful, happy temperament. They love children and make friends with other pets. What breed can be better for your apartment? So if you own or just plan to get a girl Labrador puppy, we want to help you to find the perfect […] More

Top Wolf Name Articles – Best Names For A Wolf | PetPress

Wolves and dogs are the same since they belong to the same species, canine species. But, they have different temperaments and behavior where wolves are considered wild animals and hardly trained, not like dogs. Some people might consider keeping a wolf as an exotic pet since it’s not common to have a pet wolf. But […] More

60+ Perfect White Wolf Names for Male & Female White Wolves

The white wolf is a very special creature. They look impressive. If you meet one, you will have both bone-chilling and breathtaking feelings. But if you own one, we would like to recommend one of the following white wolf names to give your wolf.     Polar     Trapper     Marvel     […] More

70+ Perfect Wolf Names For Male & Female Black Wolves

The black wolf is a very special creature because it said that the black color is not a natural color of the wolves, which means there was mixed genetics between a wolf and a dark fur dog. But having black fur surely is exotic for wolves, so if you have a pet black wolf, here […] More

60+ Famous Wolf Names from History, TV, Literature, & More

Wolves have always been represented in pop culture and there are many wolf characters in movies, cartoons, and even books. Even way back in ancient history, wolves are majestic animals that are used as a guardian pet. So we compiled over 60 famous wolf names to inspire you in naming your pet, or if you […] More

70 Powerful Werewolf Names For Males and Females

The werewolf is one of the most popular mythical creatures in folklore and is wildly used in fictional vampire movies. You may have heard of them and seen what they look like in movies, but of course, they are just a figment of a writer’s imagination. A werewolf usually shapeshifts and also has supernatural powers […] More

Top 250 Male Wolf Names – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Male wolves are also known as the alpha wolf of a pack and their main responsibility is to protect and hunt their prey for their packs. A male wolf is about 6.6 feet long, including the bushy tail, and it stands about 30 inches tall at the shoulder. These tough animals are very special, and […] More

Native American Wolf Names (60+ Powerful Names with Meanings)

Pet owners love Native American words and names because they contain valuable meanings that would be very unique for a pet. For wolves, Native American names represent values such as courage, strength, and even forces of nature. That is why we can’t help but create this list of over 60 powerful and meaningful Native American […] More

380 Popular Female Wolf Names & Names that Mean Wolf

A female wolf or a she-wolf is known to protect their male partners at all times. Did you know that a she-wolf hides under the throat of a male wolf in an event of an attack? Yes, she-wolves are very protective and are also the alpha of a pack. They are very tough, loyal, and […] More

30+ Wolf Names In Mythology – Norse Mythology Names For A Wolf

If we’re looking for meaningful names for pets, we can turn back the clock and browse through different wolf names from mythology and history. We wouldn’t forget every history lesson we studied from gods and goddesses to warriors, Norse mythology, and even mystic locations that can make great names for a wolf. If you’re looking […] More

72 Cute Female Dog Names For Doberman Pinschers

Do you own a Doberman Pinscher puppy and need a name for your fur companion? Well, when we talk about this breed, we advise considering strong, powerful and tough dog names. One such name will be a tribute to their heritage. But ironic and funny dog names will be a good choice too. So it`s […] More

50+ Perfect Jungle Cat Names – Wild And Exotic Name Ideas For Kittens

There are some cat breeds that were selected by the crossing of domestic and wild cats. Today there are few domestic cat breeds still have a wild nature: Bengals, Asian leopard cats,  Egyptian Mau. All of them have a wild appearance and look exotic, they have rosettes, markings, or marbling. Here is the list of […] More

Japanese Wolf Names – 100+ Names In Japanese With Meanings

The Japanese language and names have unique meanings that are very interesting for us to learn. To help you choose the best name for a wolf or your pet, we’ve compiled over 100 Japanese wolf names that have meanings. Not only will you choose the best wolf names, but you will somewhat learn the Japanese […] More

Gaelic Wolf Names – 40+ Unique Names In Gaelic With Meanings

Gaelic is the Celtic language of Scotland and is used mostly in the early times. Also, it is the common tongue of some people in the westernmost part of Ireland. One great thing about this language is that it is being used to name pets because of its meanings. So we’ve created this list of […] More

50+ Evil Wolf Names That Are Tough And Strong For A Wolf

Wolves are meant to be the toughest and largest of the dog species. They are considered wild animals and are really strong – you wouldn’t want to know how they hunt their prey. By nature, they are powerful, brave, and protectors of their packs no matter what gender they are. So if you’re looking for […] More

Top 30 Funny Wolf Names – Punny Names For A Wolf

There are loads of unique wolf names around the internet that you could consider. But have you heard of funny wolf names? Yes, these dangerous animals can also have a light-hearted moment. Whether you have a wolf or any other pet, they would sometimes do something extraordinarily funny. like make weird noises, funny faces, and […] More

Complete List of Dog Names Starting With A to Z | PetPress

Naming a dog take hours to think of especially when we consider the breed, personality trait, and gender. Sometimes, we see a long list of names that gets too overwhelming and as a result, you can’t decide which one is the best out of hundreds of options of dog names. So here we have a […] More

60+ Classic Native American Male Cat Names

Native American names are inspired by many tribes from a long time ago that are rarely used these days. If you are looking for a name for your male kitten, classic native American names would be a good idea. So, here’s our classic American name ideas for you.     Kosumi – Fishes for salmon […] More

75+ Best French Female Cat Names

Bonjour mademoiselle!, if you own a belle female cat, then giving her with French names would be the best choice. French names are unique and beautiful that are suitable for your female cats. So, Find out the perfect name for your cute female cat based on our French female cat names!     Bernadette   […] More

115 Traditional French Male Cat Names

Most people are in love in French language since it’s considered the romantic language. No wonder people are starting to learn the French language, even looking for a French name because it’s beautiful, unique and exotic. If you happened to have a cat, it would be an excellent way to name your cute kitten with […] More

33 Classic Italian Male Cat Names With Meanings

Italy is one of the beautiful countries that’s worth visiting that has many historical places. Also, the Italian language is unique and considered a romantic language as well. If you have a cat, we suggest you name your cute kitten with Italian names. So, here’s the Italian cat names for male kittens!     Esatto […] More

150+ Classic Spanish Female Cat Names

Spanish language is considered a romantic language and also commonly used around the globe. If you have a cute little kitten, it’s a good way to name your cat with classic Spanish names. And in this article, we’ve covered all classic Spanish names for your female cat. So, here is the list!     Natalia […] More

Best 270 Scottish Fold Cat Names For Your Adorable Kitten

Scottish folds are a unique cat breed that is known for their unique habit of sleeping on their back. They also can have either long and short hair. If you are looking for Scottish fold names, here are our best names that we’ve compiled to inspire you! Best Scottish Fold Cat Names Maggie Rusty Willow […] More

Top 40 Best Female Norwegian Forest Cat Names

Norwegian is a beautiful country that has unique and exotic landscapes. It is part of the Nordic country that has beautiful histories and mythologies. If you have a beautiful female kitten, it is a good way to name your kitten with your Norwegian names. So, let’s dive in our Norwegian female cat names. Freja – […] More

120 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Names For Your Kitten

Norwegian forest cat breed is originally from northern Europe, and commonly known for its high adaption to the cold temperature. If you have a Norwegian forest cat breed, it is a good option if you are naming your cat with Norwegian names tribute to their origin. So here’s the best Norwegian names for your cute […] More

30 Classic Irish Male Cat Names – Best Name Ideas For Your Kitten

Ireland has its own distinctive traditions, cultures and histories, even though it’s considered as part of Britain and the United Kingdom. If you are looking for male ideas for your kitten, naming your cat with classic Irish names would be an excellent idea due to the uniqueness. So here’s the classic Irish male cat names. […] More

66 Exotic Male And Female Korean Cat Names With Meanings

Korea is a beautiful country and influences people with their drama and k-pop. If you are one of the Korean lovers, you can name your adorable kitten with our exotic male and female Korean names. So, here’s the list     Dong – east     Min-ho – brave and heroic     Yon – […] More

111 Classic Japanese Male Cat Names With Meanings

If you have been to Japan or are interested in Japanese, you’ll learn many unique things from their cultures, Histories and many others. They have cute traditional kimono or yukata to wear, delicious cuisine like Raman, Yakisoba, Mochi, etc. so, find out our classic traditional Japanese names to inspire you in naming your cute kitten. […] More

111 Exotic Japanese Male Cat Names With Meanings

Japan is a beautiful country that is worth visiting, it’s known for its beautiful landscapes, traditions and cultures. You’ll find that they have many writing systems like kanji, hiragana, katakana, etc. If you find Japanese culture is unique, then you should name your cute kitten with an exotic Japanese name. So, Let’s dive into the […] More

Top 100 Best Japanese Female Cat Names

Japanese culture is beautiful, unique and exotic. It provides you with inspiration especially if you have been to Japan or just love Japan and it’s anime and manga. So, naming your cute little female kitten with Japanese names will be a good idea. So, here’s the list!     Tamiko     Nana     […] More

60+ Classic American Female Cat Names

If you respect the history and native traditions, the best solution for you is to give your female kitten one of the following native American cat names.     Waki – Shelter     Mika – Racoon     Ayana – Blossom     Cocheta – Stranger     Nascha – Owl     Utah […] More

Over 100 Best Native American Cat Names with Meanings

The United State of America has influenced the way we think and do things. It has become the role model of every country around the world, including the way we name things. If you have a cat and are looking for a name for your precious one, giving American names would be a good choice […] More

Native American Cat Names (140 Meaningful Names)

Native American pet names become more and more popular every day. So we decided to create a collection of unique cat names with meanings to make your choice easier. Native American Male Cat Names Shilah – Brother Hinto – Blue hair Akando – Ambush Kachada – White man Igasho – Wanders Anoki – Actor Paco […] More

Top 131 Popular British Cat Names For Your Little Kitten

If you honor the royal spirit of the UK, like its rich culture and history, or you own a cat of British breed, the best way for you is to choose British cat name for your little kitten.     Mason     Tom Jones     George     Cardiff     Knocker   […] More

100+ Awesome British Cat Names For Male And Female Kitten

Great Britain is well known for its History, fashion and style. British names are also beautiful and commonly known around the world. You can name your kitten with British name like Oliver for a male cat, or Amelia for a female one. And here’s we’ve compiled the British cat names, so, let’s dive in to […] More

Best 120 German Cat Names & Meanings For Male And Female Cats

If you’ve ever been to Germany or love German tradition or culture, then naming your adorable kitten with German name would be a good choice. German names are well known around the world, and many people love it due its uniqueness. In this article, we’ve covered all the best German cat names to help you […] More

100+ Best French Male Cat Names

Are you in love with French culture? Do you like the language? Still, dreaming about your trip to Paris?  If you`re one of those people, check our list of French cat names before making your final choice.     Gérard     Cédric     Grégoire     Guy     Gervais     Jacques […] More

Best 230 Male & Female Egyptian Cat Names – With Meanings

Egypt is a historical place that was known for more than 5000 years ago. Once you hear about Egypt, your mind brings you to mummies, pharaohs, and pyramids. Besides the historical, Egyptian also has so many to offer when it comes to cultures and traditions. To tribute the rich history and culture of Egypt, picking […] More

Best 500 French Cat Names for Male and Female Kittens

French is a well known country for their wine, food, landscapes, and of course, cultures. It’s also known for their beautiful accent and language that is considered as a romantic language and sexy accent. So no wonder people are loving French and willing to name their precious ones with French names. If you have a […] More

Top 30 Egyptian Cat Names with Meanings

Why are they called “Egyptian” you ask? Egyptian Cats were considered to be sacred in Ancient Egypt and were worshipped as Gods back then. They are furry, feisty symbols of Egypt and have millions of murals and accessories dedicated to them. So thought of the best name for your new furry friend? Here are the […] More

30 Classic Italian Female Cat Names With Meanings

Everybody dreams to visit Italy. Why? Because its culture is lively and colorful, its cuisine is the best in the world, its history is ancient and counts thousands of years. That`s why Italian cat names are so popular. Would you like to give your kitten a classic Italian cat name? Then, you`re in the right […] More

500+ Italian Cat Names That Are Bellissimo!

Italy is a beautiful country with rich cultures and histories. The italian is also romantic, warm, friendly and speaks a beautiful accent. If you are looking for a cat name, Italian names would be an excellent idea since it’s unique and interesting. You can find Italian names like Stefano, Filippo for male kittens, or Viola […] More

75+ Exotic Hawaiian Cat Names with Meanings

Do you live in Hawaii, or love the island, or, maybe dream to visit this place? Well, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. So we collected 75+ exotic cat names inspired by Hawaii. Enjoy!     Malia – calm     Kona –black coffee that is blended from Hawaii   […] More

210 Hawaiian Cat Names & Meanings – Great Tropical Cat Names

If you are interested in tropical places, beaches, coconuts, and hula-hula dance, then you are in love with Hawaii. And if you have a cute kitten, it’s probably the best to name him / her with Hawaiian names. Besides, Hawaiian names are unique, exotic and beautiful so it would be a good choice. So, here […] More

Top 550 Best Mexican Cat Names To Name Your Little Kitten

Are you a true lover of Mexico? Do you like its culture and history? Maybe, cuisine? No matter what is your real Mexican inspiration, but if you`re here, you`re still looking for the perfect Mexican cat name. We can help you!     Orlanda     Ventura     Sanson     Upe     […] More

430 Mexican Cat Names – The Ultimate List Of Kitten Name Ideas

Mexico is rich with cultures and historical, it’s known with its historical tribes like Aztec or Mayan, and Zapotec. But, modern Mexico is influenced by Spain including language and names. So, Mexican names would be similar to Spanish names. But, we’ve compiled the best Mexican cat names to inspire you to find the perfect name […] More

125+ Classic Spanish Male Cat Names

If you’ve been to Spain many times or just love Spanish food, you can be a true lover of all Spanish Things! And you can share it with your male kitten, why not?     Frito     Flavio     Nathaniel     Diego     Rufu     Gaspar     Leonardo   […] More

350 Spanish Cat Names: Best Names for Spanish Kittens

There are many things to love about Spain. It’s culture, tradition, language, all gives you inspiration to name your baby, even your cat. Now, you can easily find Spanish names all over the world and hear that Spanish names are unique, interesting and beautiful. So, naming your cat with Spanish names would be a good […] More

Top 45 Best Scottish Fold Cat Names For Your Cute Kitten

We would like to introduce our best collection of the best cat name ideas for Scottish Fold Cats. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Good luck!     Smokey     Buddy     Charlie     Sylvester     Lucky     Princess     Patch     Pepper   […] More

Top 200 Best Scottish Cat Names For Your Little Kitten

Scotland is well-known for its interesting history, whiskey, golf, and, of course, the movie “Braveheart”. As you can see there is plenty of inspiration for naming your cat.     Nachton     Kenzie     Fia     Macewen     Cerin     Lindsay     Kennan     Tavis     Laird […] More

Scottish Cat Names – 500 Awesome Name Ideas for Your Kitten

When it comes to naming a cat, most people name their cute kitten based on their color, behavior, character, or even their heroes. But some people choosing a cat’s name using that way are too mainstream and looking for another way to name their adorable cat. So, if you are looking for unique names, Scottish […] More

Top 40 Best Male Norwegian Forest Cat Names

We would like to introduce our best collection of the best cat name ideas for Norwegian Forest cats. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Good luck! Colby –   Town of darkness. Manumina  –  Sweet little fur under chin. Vali –  Powerful, strong. Stig/Stigr –   Route. Sokki  –   Horse […] More

200+ Norwegian Cat Names – Great Names for Your Norwegian Forest Cat

Norway is an exotic and beautiful country that provides beautiful landscapes, traditions, cultures and of course, mythologies like Norse god. Norwegian cultures provide inspirations and name ideas that are unique and probably would be perfect for your cute little kitten. If you are interested in Norwegian names, here we’ve compiled the best Norwegian cat names […] More

55 Classic Irish Female Cat Names – Best Name Ideas For Your Kitten

Here is the list of classic Irish cat names. If you own a cat of Irish breed or just like Ireland and its culture, you came to the right place to choose the perfect name for your female kitten.     Saoirse – Freedom     Noreena – Honor     Muriel – Sea, bright […] More

190 Irish Cat Names – Male & Female Name Ideas with Meanings

Ireland is an exotic place that has a unique accent and names. Also Irish tradition and cultures are full of inspiration and commonly recognized around the world. If you are willing to name your dog with an Irish name that would be a good choice, since it’s unique and beautiful. So, here is our full […] More

45 Thai Cat Names & Meanings – Great Names for Kittens

Thailand is a beautiful and tropical country that has beautiful landscapes. Most people love Thailand due to their cultures, sandy beaches, and spicy foods. It also provides unique and cute name ideas that you can give to your adorable kitten. Thai names also reflect the nobility and religion that would be a good option to […] More

Top 35 African Cat Names For Your Cute Kitten

The wild cat coat color can be your inspiration to choose the perfect cat name for your little kitten. Here is our Top list of the best African cat name ideas for you.     Ashanti     Lulu     Nailah     Daliah     Inama     Azizi     Tau   […] More

Top 90 African Cat Names & Meanings – Exotic Names for Your Kitten

Africa is a large continent with so many diverse tribes and ethnic groups. It also provides so many unique and interesting name ideas that you can choose for your cat. If you are interested in African cultures and have a cute kitten, then naming your cat with African exotic cat names would be an excellent […] More

Top 30 Most Popular Roman Cat Names

Here is our best collection of Roman cat names. Check the list and make your choice.     Ceres     Silva     Angerona     Vesta     Victoria     Maia     Juno     Diana     Picus     Venus     Saturn     Minerva     Jupiter […] More

Roman Cat Names – 200 Great Names from Roman Mythology

Everyone on earth knows about the ancient rome with their cultures, traditions like gladiator, etc. Romans cultures still excite us until now, and even we still can find Roman heritages like building until today. With their bravery cultures, it would be a good choice to name your cat with roman names. In this article’ we’ve […] More

Top 50 Best Korean Cat Names For Your Cute Kitten

Do you own a cat of Korean breed and still looking for an exotic cat name for your little kitten? So here is our best collection to make your choice easier.     Yon     Ho-Seok     Cho     Yong     Hye     Soo     Iseul     Hee […] More

260 Popular Male And Female Korean Cat Names with Meanings

Korea is one of the rich countries in Asia that is well known with their K-pop, cultures and heritage. It also has unique and interesting names that would be an excellent idea if you give your cute kitten with Korean names. So, if you are interested in Korean culture and have a cat as a […] More

140 Exotic Japanese Female Cat Names With Meanings

Do you own a cat of Japanese breed and still looking for an exotic cat name for your little kitten? Before making a final choice you should learn the meaning of your favorite name first. So here is our best collection to make your choice easier.     Emiko – beautiful blessing child     […] More

141 Classic Japanese Female Cat Names With Meanings

Japanese cat names can suit any kitten of any breed. Here’s the list of classic and traditional cat names that came from Japan!     Hiromi – generous beauty     Haru – spring     Haruna – spring vegetables     Yua – binding love     Hanako – flower child     Miyuki […] More

Top 100 Japanese Male Cat Names – Best Ideas To Name Your Kitten

Japanese names are unique and can inspire you to find the perfect name for your male kitten. Here’s the list of classic cat names that came from Japan! ·  Masayuki ·  Masaru ·  Yoshito ·  Yukio ·  Eiji ·  Daiki ·  Hiro ·  Ryo ·  Aki ·  Kichiro ·  Rikuto ·  Katashi ·  Naoki · […] More

Best 500 Japanese Cat Names – Male & Female Names with Meanings

Japan is one of the developed countries in Asia that is rich with cultures, traditions and provides unique names that can inspire you to name your cute kittens. Japanese names are not only unique but also sound interesting. So, if you are looking for cat names, here is our Japanese cat name ideas list that […] More

Top 145 Best Maltipoo Dog Names

A Maltipoo Dog is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. This mix of dog makes the cutest puppy ever.  You can be sure that they will stay in puppy size their whole life. So for those of us that just never want our puppy to grow up, a Maltipoo is a great option.  […] More

50 Best Male Cat Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Are you a true fan of Greek culture and Mythology? We offer you to choose the name for your kitten from the following list.     Poseidon     Zeus     Orion     Anubis     Adonis     Magic     Osiris     Icarus     Hades     Argo   […] More

55+ Best Female Cat Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Are you a true fan of Greek culture and Mythology? We offer you to choose the name for your kitten from the following list.     Metis     Phoebe     Pandora     Hecuba     Phoenix     Oracle     Diana     Olympia     Andromeda     Ambrosia   […] More

170 Cat Names For Male And Female Inspired by Greek Mythology

Greece is the place of the oldest civilization that provides cultures, philosophers, even mythologies. Also, there are hundreds of beautiful greek name ideas that can inspire you to name your cute kittens. If you are looking for unique greek names then you are in the right place, whether you are looking for male or female […] More

The 100 Best Australian Dog Names

Whether you have Australian heritage, an Australian dog breed like an Australian shepherd, cattle dog or kelpie, how do you find the perfect Australian dog name? Check out the following list:     Crikey (surprise)     Fletcher     Byron (bay)     Amarina (rain)     Barkly     Felix     Wombat […] More

125 Great Male And Female Australian Dog Names

Choosing a dog name is a time consuming task that you have to face when you get a puppy. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have any name on your mind, but it’s simply that picking the good name that you will call forever for your precious dog, will put you in doubt whether the […] More

175 Trendy French Dog Names for Boy Dogs

Do you own a puppy of French breed or you like the French language? Then, you can choose one of the following names for your pup!     René (Reborn)     Gerald     Abi     Alphonse     Guismo     Cesar     Toulouse     Cornett     Chanceux (Lucky) […] More

Top 101 French Dog Names for Girl Puppies

Are you in love with French culture? Do you like the language? Still, dreaming about your trip to Paris?  If you`re one of those people, check our list of French dog names before making your final choice.     Patrice     Bijou – jewel     Adrienne     Bella     Yvette   […] More

145 Best French Dog Names with Meanings

French dog names are really sweet and stylish. What do you imagine when someone talks about France? Fashion world`s capital, croissants, The Eiffel Tower or French kisses? All these things can inspire you to choose a French dog name for your puppy.     Monique     Lulu     Noel — Christmas     […] More

The 200 Best French Dog Names for your Male And Female Puppy

France is a well known country for their wine, food, beautiful sights and exotic language. No wonder French language is considered as the sexiest accent in the world. If you are willing to name your dog with French name it would be an excellent idea due to its uniqueness. So, without wasting your time, please […] More

Top 90 Scandinavian Male And Female Dog Names

When it comes to Scandinavian, it brings us to Vikings, Norse god and dragons. Well, Scandinavian is rich with culture, civilization and mythologies. Some people find Scandinavian names are unique and considered hot. So, if you are willing to name your lovely puppy with Scandinavian names that would be an excellent idea. Find out the […] More

Top 50 Great Egyptian Dog Names with Meanings

Egypt is known for their old civilization and histories, and most people think about pharaohs or Cleopatra once they hear about Egypt. But, Modern Egyptian close to Arabic, so you will find many unique names inspired by Egypt. And in this article, we’ve covered all Egyptian dog name ideas, and hopefully it suit your taste.  […] More

235 Greek Dog Names – Greek Mythology Names for Dogs

Greece is the place where the oldest civilization, cultures and histories are made. There are many philosophers like Plato, Aristoteles and even mythologies and many more you can find in Greek civilization. But besides that, it also provides unique names, that you can choose to name your lovely puppy. So here are our best Greek […] More

Top 280 Old Lady Names for Dogs

Norma Maryella Chloe Melanie Florence Lola Sophia Miranda Ruby Mamie Irma Gemma Bernadette Averill Claire Elizabeth Glynn Cornelia Audra Jacqueline Gretchen Elsa Penelope Susie Ada Maude Melissa Coral Isadora Theresa Ivy Louise Constance Polly Astrid Ginger Hortense Myra Elsie Rosemary Adeline Selma Celeste Dorcas Adair Helen Lila Prudence Fern Fannie Gloria Matilda Mazie Joy Blanch […] More

480 Old Fashioned Dog Names – Old School Dog Name Ideas

Old Fashioned Male Dog Names Wesley Clark Tristan Francis Bradley Dorsey Gus William Bryce Reno Alvin Claude Barton Davis Barnaby Casper Edison Charles Clifford Doyle Benji Ethan Smith Perry Wilbur Miles Edmund Jasper Calvin Joseph Dewey Percy Grady Sylvan Wallace Mack Scooter Manfred Edwin Nelson Douglas Dixon Tripp Freeman John Max Toby Otto Louis Lewis […] More

Princess Dog Names – 160 Elegant Dog Names for Girl Puppies

Disney Princess Dog Names Moana – Polynesian princess from Moana Cinderella – Classic princess from Cinderella Elena – TV series Elena of Avalor Belle – Beauty and the Beast Rapunzel – Tangled Ariel – The Little Mermaid Merida – Brave Aurora – Sleeping Beauty Jasmine – Princess from Aladdin Tiana – The Princess and the […] More

200+ Old Lady Dog Names for Female Dogs

Some dogs look old even when they are puppies. Some breeds have whiskers and facial features that make them look like an old lady. Old lady dog names are also a great choice if you have adopted an adult dog. So here is the list of over 200 old lady dog names.     Myra   […] More

101 Unique Girl Puppy Names

Looking for a creative dog name for your baby girl? Here are 101 original name ideas for you. Enjoy!     Rach     Legend     Sierra     Milky     Deb     Doris     Bev     Hula     Beyonce     Faunice     Florence     Sugar […] More

Top 66 Best Dogo Argentino Dog Names

Argentina is an exotic country that provides exotic cultures like Tango dance. Though Argentinian speaks Spanish and most of the people have similar names to Spanish, doesn’t mean you can’t pick Argentinian names. There are many famous names you can pick for your dog inspired by Argentina. So, check out our Argentinian dog names and […] More

90+ Finnish Cold Dog Names From Finland (With Meanings)

Finnish names are mostly like Nordic countries such as Swedish or Norwegian names, but they are slightly different. To English native speakers found that Finnish names are exotic, so picking a Finnish name for your dog would be an excellent idea since it’s uncommon names that would make your dog above the others. Finnish dogs […] More

75 Perfect Dog Names for Chinese Breeds (with Meanings)

Chinese dogs are very popular today. They are well-known due to their intelligence, cuteness, and loyalty. Moreover, many breeds were bred as Royal dogs for guarding the Emperor. If you`re a true lover of Chinese dogs, this list will be interesting for you! Enjoy!     Dao – it means “knife” or “sword.”     […] More

The 110+ Best Chinese Dog Names with Meanings

Chinese is an exotic country that has an old civilization that influenced the world in the past. Beside that they also have unique language and names that unlike the rest of the world. If you are willing to name your dog with chinese names, it would be an excellent choice. In this article, we’ve compiled […] More

Top 105 God Dog Names Inspired by Greek Mythology

Do you love Greek Mythology? You can name your puppy by one of the following names.     Melpomene (One of the Muses)     Elpis (The spirit of hope)     Ate (Goddess of ruin, mischief, delusion and folly)     Clotho (One of the Fates)     Athena (Goddess of wisdom)     […] More

Greek God Dog Names – 42 Male Greek Dog Names

Greek is a beautiful country that known for their old civilization. There many philosophers and gods mythologies. if you are willing to name your dog with a greek name for your male puppy, here are our best ideas! Ares – God of war Hypnos – God of sleep Geras – God of old age Zeus […] More

85 Best Female Dog Names Inspired by Greek Mythology (with Meanings)

Are you a true fan of Greek culture and Mythology? We offer you to choose the name for your puppy from the following list.     Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty)     Nike (In ancient Greek religion, Nike was a goddess who personified victory)     Carissa (Grace, beloved)     Anastasia (Resurrection) […] More

70 Greek God and Goddess Names for Dogs

Greek is a beautiful country that known for their old civilization and history. If you are interested in Greek cultures and their gods mythologies, here are our name ideas inspired by Greek dog names! Greek God Names for Male Dogs Ares – God of war Plutus – God of wealth Helios – God of the […] More

150+ Awesome Greek Dog Names with Meanings

If you like to travel to Greece and love the culture of this country, here is the list of Greek dog names for your puppy. Male Greek Dog Names     Zephyr or Zephyrus (God of the West Wind)     Hector (Hero of the Trojan War)     Pan (God of woods)     […] More

Top 90+ Authentic Greek Dog Names for Male Puppies

Here you will find over 90 Greek-inspired names for your dog! Enjoy!      Alesandro     Spartan (Spartans were the citizens of Sparta)     Dennis     Ezio     Calix     Hector (Hero of the Trojan War)     Boreas (God of the North Wind)     Sander     Cronus […] More

76 Classic Greek Dog Names To Name Your Puppies

Greece is a very rich country if we talk about history, mythology, culture, and cuisine. There are many classic Greek names you can choose to give a name for your pooch.     Demetra – goddess of corn and harvest     Eleni (Helen) – shining light     Prometheus     Maria – bitter […] More

33 Traditional Greek Dog Names For Female Dogs

Greek is a beautiful country that known for their old civilization. There many philosophers and gods mythologies. if you are willing to name your dog with a greek name for your female puppy, here are our best ideas! Alexandra Libra Alexis Anastasia Lyra Olympia Tessa Calista Elena Pandora Agatha Antigone Medea Tansy Clio Delia Hermione […] More

33 Traditional Greek Dog Names For Male Dogs

Do you love ancient Greece, its traditions, rich history, and mythology? Then, you should give your puppy a traditional Greek dog name from the following list? Estevan Belen Kosmos Tadd Spiro Ulysses Dennis Basil Owen Adrian Timon Neo Leo Evan Tyrone Egan Jace Niles Calix Cole Damon Achilles Titan Sander Darius Maximus Giles Constantine Griffin […] More

40+ German Male Dog Names With Meanings

Are you or your family from Germany or is your dog of German breed? Here is the list of German dog names for you!     Milo—beloved     Jaeger—hunter     Waldo—ruler     August—exalted, revered     Rowland—famous in the land     Luther—warrior     Alger—noble, bright     Verner—defending army   […] More

Top 100 Trendy German Dog Names with Meanings for Male Puppies

Here is a list of German dog names with meanings. It will help you to make the right choice!     Carl (farmer)     Ellard (noble and brave)     Max (greatest)     Emmet (universal, truth)     Prinz (prince)     Rudolph/Rudy (famous wolf)     Duxi (warrior of the people)   […] More

125 Uncommon German Dog Names

We advise giving a German name to a big, powerful dog of German breeds.     Bert     Carolyn     Derick     Grizelda     Heidi     Giselle     Stefanie     Ugo     Trudy     Johann     Frederika     Dagobert     Frida     […] More

Top 50 German Dog Names for Girl Puppies with Meanings

If you love German beer, cars or culture, we’ve got great German dog names for you!     Trudy (spear of strength)     Trudi (strong spear warrior)     Hilda (battle woman)     Olinda (protector of property)     Sigrid (beautiful victory)     Klara (bright)     Vera (faith, truth)     […] More

Top 200 Male and Female German Dog Names with Meanings

Have you ever been to Germany or interested in German culture and language? Well, Germany is a beautiful country that provides rich cultures and unique language. If you are looking for dog names, German dog names would be an excellent choice. In this article, we’ve covered all German dog names that are unique and exotic. […] More

Over 50 Popular Mexican Dog Names

If you love Mexico, its traditions and food, you probably would like to give your puppy a Mexican dog name. We can help you!     Oso (bear)     Julieta     Benito     Coco     Vida (life)     Bella (beautiful)     Che     Coco     Maya   […] More

30+ Classic Mexican Male Dog Names

If you love Mexico, its traditions, and food, you probably would like to give your male puppy a Mexican dog name.     Roberto     Jesús     Indio     Amato     Miguel     Ricardo     Lucas     Santo     Guey     Inigo     Alejandro   […] More

Top 75 Mexican Dog Names – Popular Male Names

If you own a puppy of Mexican breed or simply love Mexican culture, the best way to show it is to choose a Mexican dog name for your dog.     Toro (Bull)     Poncho     Axel     Hugo     Oso (Bear)     Mario     Tajo     Raúl […] More

75 Mexican Dog Names – Female Dog Names with Meanings

Do you like wearing a sombrero or feel like a mariachi? are you a true fan of Mexican culture? Then, choose the true Mexican dog name for your puppy.     Kesare     Josefina     Dulcinea (Sweet)    Gloria     Juanita     Leticia    Jefa (Boss)     Aurora (Dawn)   […] More

The 55 Best Mexican Dog Names for Female Dogs

This list is consists of our favorite female dog names from Mexico. Enjoy!     Guadalupe     Fiesta     Silvia     Solana     Merida     Cordero     Tijuana     Yucca     Yolanda     Alba     Sierra     Salsa     Reynosa     Tequila […] More

Top 150 Mexican Dog Names for Your Boy or Girl Puppy

If you are looking for interesting and unique dog names, Mexican dog names can be a good idea. Mexico is rich with culture and a source of cultural heritage. Giving your dog with a Mexican name would put your dog above the other since it’s unique and rarely used. So here are our Mexican dog […] More

30+ Classic Russian Dog Names for Boy Puppies

If you own a dog of Russian breed or just inspired by this fabulous country with its interesting traditions and really difficult language, you can give your puppy a classic Russian dog name from the list below.     Artyom     Ruslan     Roman     Egor     Alexey     Sasha […] More