What is Your Dog’s Spirit Animal?

We all know that dogs are human’s best friends. They offer us unconditional love and companionship, not to mention protection from any threats around.

But did you know that your dog also has a guiding force? According to Chinese philosophy, each pet has a spirit guide who embodies its traits and characteristics. And thanks to this quiz, now you can find out which one is your pup’s!

What animal best represents your dog’s personality? Is it the wolf, or maybe a fox? Maybe your pup is a snake in disguise. To find out for sure, take this quiz!

  • Question of

    What would your dog do when there’s a burglar in the house?

    • A. Absolutely nothing! My dog doesn’t care.
    • B. Good luck burglar! Attack!
    • C. Bark like there’s no tomorrow
  • Question of

    Time to play fetch! Your dog

    • A. Doesn’t care
    • B. is super excited for anything thrown at him/her
    • C. Catches the objects and destroys it!
  • Question of

    How does your dog deal with another dog?

    • A. Instant bestfriends!
    • B. My dog hates other dogs!
    • C. Doesn’t care if there’s a visitor
  • Question of

    How is your dog’s diet?

    • A. My dog would eat anything; even poop!
    • B. Dog food is love
    • C. My dog is a vegetarian!
  • Question of

    There’s a cat in the family. Your dog:

    • A. would make friends with kitty
    • B. wouldn’t care about the cat
    • C. hates cats!
  • Question of

    You’re expecting visitors. Should you panic?

    • A. No, my dog is the sweetest pet alive!
    • B. My dog doesn’t care and loves to sleep
    • C. Yes, dog cage time!
  • Question of

    How is your when it comes to commands?

    • A. My dog is dumb sad to say
    • B. Sit, Roll, Play Dead! My dog can do anything
    • C. Needs training
  • Question of

    You leave your dog at home, what is he/she like?

    • A. My dog would howl all day!
    • B. Treats and dog food would do the trick
    • C. My dog would mess up the whole house!
  • Question of

    You want some time alone, your dog:

    • A. would do anything to get attention
    • B. would have his/her own “me” time as well
    • C. stares right into your soul
  • Question of

    You have another puppy, your dog:

    • A. would probably eat the puppy (jealous)
    • B. will be happy to take care of the puppy
    • C. will attack you!
  • Question of

    How active is your dog?

    • A. my dog doesn’t know how to stay still
    • B. My dog is lazy!
    • C. Active when he/she is in the mood
  • Question of

    You’re eating your favorite snack. What does your dog do?

    • A. Beg for some of my snacks.
    • B. Puppy eyes 🙁
    • C. My dog will steal my snack
  • Question of

    You play hide & seek with your dog. How likely will your dog find you?

    • A. My dog is a hunter
    • B. My dog has no clue where I hide
    • C. My dog won’t even care!
  • Question of

    What will your dog do if you get angry at him/her?

    • A. Sits and do a sad face
    • B. Walks away like nothing happend
    • C. “Don’t you dare get angry at me, hooman”
  • Question of

    Is your dog trained?

    • A. Nope, my house is his/her toilet
    • B. Very hygienic
    • C. Poops at pees at a particular spot
  • Question of

    How is your dog with children?

    • A. My dog loves to play with children
    • B. My dog barks and scare them away. Sorry kids!
    • C. My dog doesn’t care
  • Question of

    Describe your dog’s walking style.

    • A. Sniffs every corner
    • B. Casual walker
    • C. Runner!
  • Question of

    Bedtime! Where does your dog sleep?

    • A. My dog sleeps next to me
    • B. My dog has his/her own bed
    • C. My dog sleeps on the bed and i sleep on the floor
  • Question of

    How does your dog react in a dog park?

    • A. Run and join the party!
    • B. “So who is the tough guy here?”
    • C. Observe the scene with lots of sniffing and wags tail
  • Question of

    You got physically hurt at home. Your dog:

    • A. will come to the rescue
    • B. won’t even budge
    • C. will bark like there’s no tomorrow

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