15 Mustachioed Assistants Who are Not Confused by the Fact That They Have Paws

#7 Cats can look after other, less conscious pets. For example, turtles😂🐈👍🏼🐢

#8 In addition to jokes – this cat is not in vain eating his “Whiskas”. He works as a real adman for a garage sale of things😂🐈🐾

#9 The cat model is always beautiful. Who else can pose for hours without changing their pose?😂🐈🐾❤️

#10 If you are looking for a restaurant critic, then consider that you have already found it😋🐈😸

#11 Want to lose weight? Ask your home fitness instructor how to do this🐈🏋🏻‍♀️🐾

#12 An auto mechanic and his assistant have already found a malfunction and are working to fix it🐈😸⚙️🚘

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