16 Nutrition Tips For Your Italian Greyhound

Feeding is one of the most important parts of keeping any dog. And every breed requires some rules that help to keep a healthy diet for your dog. Here are the most important nutrition rules for Italian Greyhounds you should know if you own this dog.😁

#1 Water bowl

Water should be always fresh and your Italian Greyhound as any other dog should have unrestricted access to it. You need to refresh it every day as well as wash the bowl regularly.

#2 Food bowl

Italian Greyhounds have long legs. That is why they need to stoop down when they eat. That is why use raised bowls or just place it on the top of a container.

#3 Don’t make any sudden change in your dogs’ diet😉

It should take some time if you want to avoid all the digestive problems for your pet.

#4 Try to avoid feeds that contain a lot of different “fillers”. It can be rice, grain and so on😉

Your dog will feel tummy, but it will get no nutritional value.

#5 Treats🥰

Give your dog treats occasionally. It should become a part of regular training. And remember: if you give a lot of treats, don’t forget to reduce the main feed.

#6 Healthy weight😁

Your Italian Greyhound always should have an appropriative weight for its size. It shouldn’t be too obese or skinny.

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