26 Corgi Mixes: Magical Mutts Who’ll Steal Your Heart!

While Corgis remain one of the world’s most popular dogs, there are many Corgi Mixes that have become increasingly common.

So here, for your viewing pleasure are 26 Corgi mix-breeds:

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#2 West Highland Corgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x West Highland White Terrier (Westie) mix)

#15 Pembroke Corman Shepherd (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x German Shepherd mix)

#18 Cava-Corgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix)

#25 Aussie-Corgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Australian Shepherd or Miniature Australian Shepherd mix)

#26 Corgi Cattle Dog (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Australian Cattle Dog mix)

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