4 Most Popular Hairless Dog Breeds

Owning a hairless dog will mean that you’ll spend zero time vacuuming and grooming. With hairless dogs, things are different.

#1 Chinese Crested

They have natural clarity, complaisance, lack of aggressiveness and quick wits. They can easily find a common language with other animals, they can be brought to families with children. The center of the Universe for these dogs is their owner, separation from which they are very difficult to endure. A dog can even get sick in the absence of the main person in her life. It is difficult to endure moving, traveling, loneliness.

#2 Mexican hairless dog

Dogs have a strong nervous system, if necessary - they can be alone. With other animals, representatives of the Mexican hairless dog breed pretty well, but they choose one owner as of the leader of their pack. They are not even bothered by the appearance of other pets in the house. The main thing is that the owner of the Xolo should still pay attention to him.

#3 American Hairless Terriers

Despite their not-so-attractive appearance, the American Hairless Terriers have excellent qualities. These are very energetic and active, very good dogs that can be easily trained and trained. It is pleasant to spend leisure time with them. Moreover, they are fearless and ready to stand not only for themselves but also for their master. True, they demonstrate the latest qualities exclusively in extreme conditions.

#4 Peruvian Inca Orchid

If you are lucky enough to find such a puppy, consider that you won the Jackpot. These are very gentle and calm dogs, quickly getting used to the owner and new family. The dog expresses its joy with a loud, voiced bark. Representatives of the breed are deprived of aggression, but they treat strangers with caution. Another feature of dogs is that they prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle, while during the day they sleep. This point will have to be taken into account, and if you want to rebuild the internal clock of the orchid, you will have to work hard.

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