Beware of cat snatching – Hutchinson Police investigating the case


Cats are being stolen from the streets of Hutchinson, according to police reports. Only one person has officially reported a pet being snatched, albeit there were numerous reports about feral cats going missing, said Capt.

Thad Pickard of the Hutchinson Police Department. “We’re taking it seriously and looking into it,” he added. “We don’t know if it’s one person or two people.”

Many individuals and organizations have written about the discovery of dogs with epileptic attacks, but Pickard and Det. Division Commander Lt. Dustin Loepp declined to comment on them. “I hadn’t seen my cat in a while (Oct 22).

I went out to try calling for him, and my neighbor asked if I was looking for Poppy. He said he saw someone pick him up and put him in a car,” said Stephanie Kelly of Hutch. “I was in my pajamas when I went out to look for Poppy.

When I got home, he came back outside, but he came back missing his collar tag. The next day (Oct 23), Lori Berg of Hutch called me.

She said her cat was missing too. Then my sister’s neighbor called and said their kitty was gone too. I have never had a cat go missing before.”

A white pickup with a club cab and cameras set up and recorded by neighbors across the alley from Allen. “The (truck) passenger is seen holding a cat looking out the window in one photograph,” says Allen.

Officer Allen said the officer who took her report advised anyone missing a cat they believe was taken to report it.

Pickard stated that Allen’s was the only report he had heard about. Pickard could not say how many stray cats people have reported missing because they are free-range and do not belong to anybody, so there is no crime to report.

The documents state that Kelly’s cat is a black-and-white male, about 12 pounds, with no collar tags. Berg reported her missing kitty as gray and white, about 10 months old; she does not think the cat has an implanted microchip.

Allen said her cat’s name is Poppy because of his resemblance to the character in the children’s movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

“I have two kids, so I’m very upset because they are taking away my family pet,” said Allen. “I want to get Poppy back. The way they do it is wrong.”

have two kids, so I’m very upset because they are taking away my family pet. I want to get Poppy back. The way they do it is wrong.

Linda J. Allen, 66

The gray tabby and its brother were both adopted from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter together. She kept the name for her grandson because it was Pooh Bear.

“His brother still cries for him every day,” she said. The video of the truck has been posted on their website, hoping someone could recognize it. Another video uploaded to the Facebook page shows a man in a white shirt and jeans.


He looks like he is holding an animal, but it’s too difficult to tell from the video what the animal really is.

“It’s hard for me to say if we believe they are being used to train animals or not,” said Pickard. “

Ruby turned up missing on Tuesday. She lives near Allen Elementary School. Her cousin in the 3700 block of Monroe told her that her cat had gone missing, too.

Other reports came from Reno County Lost and Found, she said. “There’s a lot of guessing going on and third-hand information on social media right now, but there’s a lot of speculation about what they could be using these animals for,” said Allen.

“I don’t want to speculate on anything I couldn’t personally see myself.”

Allen posted her video on the “Where is My Missing Cat” Facebook page as well as her own profile. She has received some reports from others who have lost their cats and seen the video on Facebook.

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