Purrfect Companions! 10 Best Cat Breeds for Seniors

For senior citizens, choosing the perfect cat can be a difficult task. There are hundreds of breeds to choose from, and it’s not always easy to know which will suit you best.

Fortunately, cats come in all shapes and sizes; there is sure to be one perfect for an older person’s lifestyle.

To make life easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite feline companions for seniors.

From large lap cats that love to cuddle and burrow into blankets, to independent kitties that enjoy lounging by the window – there’s something for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for an affectionate pal or just someone to keep your feet warm at night – these breeds will do the trick. So, let’s dive in and meet some of the top cat breeds for seniors!

Are cats good for senior citizens?

Cats can be great companions for senior citizens who may not have the energy or ability to take a dog for walks.

Cats require much less daily attention and care compared to dogs, making them a good choice for seniors with limited mobility and other restrictions.

They just need regular feeding, litter box changes, and the occasional brushing.

Plus, cats provide lots of cuddles and purrs that can help older adults feel less lonely! Spending time interacting with a cat (like petting it or playing) can also release endorphins known as “happy hormones” that boost moods and reduce stress levels.

Studies have even found that having a pet can lower blood pressure in elderly people. Ultimately, cats are often affectionate and loving which makes them a great companion for elderly individuals.

They are also relatively low-maintenance pets, so seniors who may not have the time or strength to care for a more demanding animal can benefit from having a cat in their life.

In short, cats can be just as beneficial for senior citizens as they are for anyone else!

10 Best Cat Breeds For Seniors

When it comes to choosing a cat for an elderly person, some breeds are better than others due to their personality traits and compatibility with seniors. Here is a list of the top 10 best cat breeds for seniors:

1. British Shorthair:

The British Shorthair may have an intimidatingly proud demeanor, but don’t let that fool you–it’s actually quite cuddly and affectionate with its owners (especially if given plenty of attention).

Its sturdy build makes it adaptable to most living situations, and its short coat requires minimal grooming–perfect for seniors who are not up for a lot of maintenance.

2. Ragdoll:

The Ragdoll’s floppy nature lends itself well to snuggling on your lap or taking leisurely strolls around the house with you. They are very social cat breeds and can get along with everyone in the family.

Since they’re not particularly active cats, Ragdolls make a great companion for seniors who are looking for an easy-going friend.

3. Manx:

Manx cats are known for their trademark stubby tails and friendly, laid-back personalities. They’re low-maintenance cats that don’t require a lot of daily exercise or attention.

Instead, they are content to cuddle up on the couch for naps or just sit in the window watching birds and other wildlife.

They are also quite independent, so they can adapt well to the often unpredictable days of seniors.

4. Siberian:

If you’re looking for a lively yet cuddly companion cat, then the Siberian is your go-to choice!

This friendly and affectionate breed loves spending time with people of all ages, and its thick coat is ideal for keeping out the cold in winter months.

5. Persian:

Sensitive and sweet-natured, the Persian is an ideal companion cat for seniors. It’s known for being one of the calmest indoor cat breeds around, making it a great fit if you’re looking for a low-key buddy.

Its long, luxurious fur does require regular brushing to keep healthy and shiny though – so you’ll need to be prepared to commit some time into this task.

6. Bombay:

Bombay cats may be small, but they’re full of personality! They are also one of the friendliest breeds, making them great companions for seniors looking for someone to chat and snuggle with.

7. Birman:

For seniors looking for an independent yet loyal and affectionate companion, look no further than the Birman!

This breed is known for being highly affectionate but can also hold its own when left alone–great if you have days when you don’t feel like being around people.

8. Snowshoe:

With its bright blue eyes and white-furred body, the Snowshoe is a captivating breed of cat that will be sure to draw attention.

It has a gentle personality, making it perfect for senior citizens who want a dependable companion.

9. Russian Blue:

Russian Blue cats are known for their striking blue-grey fur and captivating eyes, but they’re also very friendly and inquisitive.

They tend to bond quickly with their humans and love spending time playing or just cuddling up together.

This breed is perfect for seniors who may be lonely but don’t have the energy or time to commit to a more active companion.

10. Scottish Fold:

The Scottish fold has an unmistakeably unique look – thanks to its folded ears – and its laid back nature makes it the ideal companion for those wanting a cat that enjoys lounging around in their free time.

Additionally, this breed is known for being intelligent and alert, making it entertaining to play games with or teach tricks.


At the end of the day, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when selecting a cat breed for seniors. The most important factor is finding a breed that fits with their lifestyle and personality.

With so many breeds to choose from, you’re sure to find the purr-fect match for your senior companion!

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