Chill Out With These 7 DIY Frozen Treats For Your Dog

Are you looking for a special treat to give your pup? Look no further, these DIY frozen treats for dogs are sure to make your pup’s tail wag and put a smile on their face.

Not only are these treats delicious, but they’re also easy to make and can be customized according to your pup’s taste preferences.

So why not take the time to create a tasty frozen treat for your pup and make them feel extra special?

Grab your ingredients and let’s get cooking! It’s time to make your pup some tasty treats that they’ll love!

7 DIY frozen treats for dogs:

There are many ways to make your pup’s favorite frozen treat. Here are 10 DIY frozen treats that you can create at home:

1. Frozen Strawberry Banana Dog Treats


To make these delightful treats, gather the following ingredients: strawberries, bananas, plain Greek yogurt, honey, and water.

For the preparation, you can utilize silicon molds or ice cube trays. Start by blending all the ingredients together until you achieve a smooth mixture.

Then, proceed to fill each section of the molds or ice cube trays with the blended mixture. Place the molds in the freezer and allow the treats to freeze until they become solid and hard.

Once frozen, remove the treats from the molds and transfer them to a sealable bag. Store the treats in the freezer for up to two months, if they manage to last that long!

2. Frozen Banana Blueberry Dog Treats


To make Frozen Banana Blueberry Dog Treats, start by smashing a large banana with a fork in a mixing bowl.

Next, stir in 1/4 cup of peanut butter, making sure to choose a type that doesn’t contain xylitol. Afterward, carefully fold in 1/2 cup of washed and dried blueberries, which can be either fresh or frozen.

Once all the ingredients are mixed together, spoon the mixture into silicone dog molds. Then, place the molds in the freezer and let them freeze overnight or for about 6-8 hours.

3. Pineapple Pupsicles


All you need are two ingredients for this treat: fresh pineapple and Greek yogurt. Fresh raw pineapple makes a fantastic snack for dogs as it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Greek yogurt is high in calcium and contains beneficial probiotics, which aid in digestion and help fight off infections.

Simply cut the pineapple into small pieces and mix them with the yogurt. You can then spoon the mixture into silicone molds or ice cube trays and freeze them until solid.

Once frozen, these Pineapple Pupsicles are ready to be served to your dog.

4. Watermelon and Yogurt Frozen Dog Treats


This recipe requires only two ingredients: pureed watermelon and yogurt, which are frozen together to create a refreshing treat for your dog.

To make the treats, you can use a blender, or a food processor to puree the watermelon. However, if you’re looking for a quicker option, you can simply mash the watermelon thoroughly with a potato masher.

Once you have the pureed watermelon, mix it with yogurt and pour the mixture into silicone molds or ice cube trays. Place the molds in the freezer until the treats are frozen solid.

5. Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats


To make Peanut Butter Dog Treats, you will need brown or spotted bananas, all-natural peanut butter (without xylitol), and coconut oil to help the treats stay solid when frozen.

Start by mashing the bananas in a medium bowl until they are fairly smooth.

Once mashed, add the softened coconut oil and runny peanut butter to the mashed bananas and mix until well combined.

Next, spoon heaping tablespoons of the mixture into dog bone silicone molds, filling them up. Once the molds are filled, place them in the freezer for about 2-3 hours to firm up.

6. Frozen Pina Colada Dog Treats


To make Frozen Piña Colada Dog Treats, you’ll need a silicone dog bone mold as your equipment. The ingredients include 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of diced pineapple, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of shredded coconut (optional).

Start by measuring out the coconut oil into a small cup or bowl. Microwave the coconut oil in 30-second intervals until it melts.

Dice the pineapple into small pieces that will fit into the molds. Sprinkle the shredded coconut and diced pineapple into each mold. Next, pour the melted coconut oil into each mold, filling it up to the top.

Transfer the treats to the refrigerator and let them set for approximately 4 hours. Once the treats are completely set, remove them from the mold by gently popping them out.

7. Frozen Watermelon Blueberry Yogurt Bites


You will need watermelon, blueberries, and plain yogurt. Begin by blending the watermelon in a blender until it becomes smooth and pureed.

Next, spoon plain yogurt into each mold, covering the bottom of the molds. Place 1-3 blueberries on top of the yogurt in each mold, depending on the size of the mold and your preference.

Slowly pour the pureed watermelon into each mold, filling them up to the top.

Carefully place the molds into the freezer and let them freeze for at least two hours or until the treats are fully frozen.

When you’re ready to serve the Watermelon Blueberry Yogurt Bites, simply pop the individual treats out of the molds.


Cooking recipes for your pup is a great activity to do with your dog in the summer. Not only does it make your bond stronger, but it also keeps both of you healthy and happy.

Whether you create one or all of these DIY frozen treats for your pup, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Not only are they delicious, but they also provide dogs with healthy and cooling options for summer. Also, they are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Plus, making them at home means you can customize the recipes to fit your pup’s taste preferences.

Do not forget to consult your vet before trying out any of these recipes at home. With that said, let’s get cooking and give our pup a special treat!

Happy cooking! 🙂

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