Top 10 Friendly Pet Bird Species for Every Personality

top friendly pet bird species

Bringing a pet bird into your home can be a joyful and rewarding experience.

Birds are not only beautiful and intelligent, but they can also make wonderful companions.

If you’re considering adding a feathered friend to your family, it’s important to choose a species that is friendly, gentle, and well-suited to being a companion.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 friendliest pet bird species to help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Friendliest Pet Bird Species

Budgerigar (Budgie)


Budgies, also known as parakeets, are delightful avian companions recognized for their vibrant colors and sociable nature.

Their small size and friendly demeanor make them an excellent choice for families, especially those with children.

Budgies thrive on interaction and can become cherished members of the household, showcasing their affectionate personalities through playful antics and melodic chirps.

Breed Overview

Length 6 – 8 inches
Weight 1 – 1.2 ounces
Physical Characteristics Small, colorful parakeets with a short, stocky build. Vibrant plumage, often featuring bright blues, greens, and yellows.
Life Expectancy 5 – 10 years



Cockatiels, with their gentle disposition and low-maintenance care, make ideal avian companions, especially for those new to bird ownership.

These charming birds are known for their affectionate nature, forming strong bonds with their human companions.

Cockatiels are not only easy to care for but also entertaining with their melodious whistles and playful behaviors, adding joy to any household.

Breed Overview

Length 12 – 13 inches
Weight 3 – 4 ounces
Physical Characteristics Medium-sized parrots with distinctive crest feathers. Grey body with vibrant orange cheek patches and a long, slender tail.
Life Expectancy 15 – 25 years



Lovebirds, true to their name, are not only visually stunning but also renowned for their loving and affectionate demeanor.

These small parrots thrive on companionship and can form deep bonds with their owners.

Lovebirds are highly social and enjoy interacting with their human counterparts, making them delightful companions for those seeking a feathered friend with a big heart.

Breed Overview

Length 5 – 7 inches
Weight 2 – 3 ounces
Physical Characteristics Small parrots with a robust build. Various color mutations, known for their affectionate behavior and strong pair-bonding.
Life Expectancy 10 – 15 years



Despite their diminutive size, parrotlets boast big personalities and the ability to form strong connections with their owners.

These pint-sized parrots are known for their intelligence, playful antics, and the potential to mimic words or sounds.

Parrotlets make excellent companions for individuals or families seeking a feathered friend that brings both charm and a close bond to their lives.

Breed Overview

Length 4 – 5 inches
Weight 1 – 1.4 ounces
Physical Characteristics Miniature parrots with a stocky build. Varied colors and charming personalities. Known for their intelligence and playful nature.
Life Expectancy 15 – 20 years



Conures, characterized by their vibrant plumage and playful demeanor, are sociable birds that thrive on interaction and companionship.

Their playful nature makes them well-suited for individuals or families willing to invest time in engaging activities.

Conures often form strong bonds with their owners, creating a dynamic and joyful presence in the household.

Breed Overview

Length 9 – 20 inches
Weight 2.5 – 8 ounces
Physical Characteristics Medium-sized parrots with vibrant plumage. Variable colors and distinctive facial features. Sociable and playful companions.
Life Expectancy 10 – 30 years



Doves, characterized by their gentle and peaceful demeanor, are perfect companions for those seeking a tranquil avian presence.

Known for their soft cooing sounds and graceful flight, doves bring a sense of calm to any environment.

These birds thrive on companionship and are particularly well-suited for individuals or families looking for a soothing and undemanding feathered friend.

With proper care, doves can become cherished members of the household, adding a touch of serenity to your daily life.

Breed Overview

Length Varies (around 12 inches)
Weight 4 – 8 ounces
Physical Characteristics Compact, plump body with short legs and a small head. Soft, monochromatic feathers in various colors. Calm and gentle demeanor.
Life Expectancy 10 – 15 years

Green-Cheeked Conure


Green-cheeked conures are prized for their playful and affectionate nature, making them delightful pets for bird enthusiasts.

These small parrots are known for their vibrant colors, including shades of green, red, and blue.

Their playful antics and social behavior make them excellent companions, especially for those willing to engage in interactive activities.

Green-cheeked conures thrive on mental stimulation and can form strong bonds with their owners, bringing joy and liveliness to the household.

Breed Overview

Length 10 – 12 inches
Weight 2 – 3 ounces
Physical Characteristics Vibrant green plumage, red or blue tail feathers, and a distinctive horn-colored beak. Playful and affectionate behavior.
Life Expectancy 10 – 30 years

Hahn’s Macaw


Hahn’s macaws, celebrated for their intelligence and social demeanor, make devoted companions with proper care and attention.

Despite their small size, these macaws exhibit a big personality and enjoy interactive play.

Their ability to mimic sounds and form close bonds with their owners adds a dynamic and engaging element to the household.

Hahn’s macaws are well-suited for individuals ready to invest time in socializing and enriching the lives of these intelligent avian companions.

Breed Overview

Length 12 – 14 inches
Weight 6 – 8 ounces
Physical Characteristics Small macaw with vibrant plumage, primarily green, and a proportionately large head. Intelligent and social, with a playful disposition.
Life Expectancy 30 – 50 years

Pionus Parrot


Pionus parrots are recognized for their laid-back and relatively quiet nature, making them excellent choices for families and first-time parrot owners.

With subdued colors and a calm disposition, Pionus parrots offer a unique combination of beauty and approachability.

Their less demanding vocalizations and adaptable nature contribute to harmonious coexistence, providing a positive introduction to the world of pet parrots.

Breed Overview

Length 9 – 12 inches
Weight 6 – 8 ounces
Physical Characteristics Medium-sized parrot with subdued plumage in various colors. Calm and quiet nature, known for adaptability and ease of care.
Life Expectancy 25 – 40 years



Canaries, celebrated not only for their beautiful singing but also for their ease of care, are ideal first pet birds.

Known for their melodious tunes, canaries bring musical charm to any space.

With minimal handling requirements, these birds are perfect for individuals who appreciate their singing prowess.

Canaries thrive in a well-designed cage and offer a delightful and low-maintenance avian experience for bird enthusiasts of all levels.

Breed Overview

Length 4 – 8 inches
Weight 0.5 – 1 ounce
Physical Characteristics
Small songbird with varied colors, including yellow, orange, and white. Melodious singing ability. Low-maintenance and relatively quiet.
Life Expectancy 7 – 10 years

How to Choose a Pet Bird

Choosing a pet bird is an exciting decision that involves careful consideration of several key factors, including:


Begin by assessing your lifestyle and daily routine. Birds, like any pets, require time, attention, and care.

Consider how much time you can realistically dedicate to your bird’s well-being.

Some bird species thrive on social interaction and companionship, while others may be more independent.

Matching your lifestyle with the needs of the bird is crucial for a positive and mutually satisfying relationship.


Different bird species have varied space requirements.

Larger birds may need more spacious cages and dedicated play areas, while smaller birds may be content with more compact living quarters.

Evaluate the available space in your home to ensure it meets the needs of the bird you’re considering.

Additionally, think about whether you have a suitable location for the birdcage that provides a balance of natural light and a quiet, secure environment.


Every bird species comes with its own set of personality traits.

Some birds are known for their outgoing and social nature, craving interaction and forming strong bonds with their human companions.

Others may be more reserved or independent, requiring a different approach to companionship.

Research the characteristics of various bird breeds to find one that aligns with your preferences for interaction, playfulness, and overall temperament.

Noise levels

Birds communicate through vocalizations, and the noise levels can vary significantly among species.

Some birds are known for their melodic and soothing songs, while others may have louder and more persistent calls.

Consider your tolerance for noise and how well it aligns with the characteristics of the bird species you are interested in.

This is particularly important if you live in an apartment or close quarters where noise may be a concern.



Bringing a pet bird into your home is a source of profound joy and companionship.

Opting for a bird species known for its friendliness and sociability ensures a rich and rewarding connection with your feathered friend.

Make the choice for a delightful avian companion, and enjoy the fulfilling experience of having a friendly and sociable bird by your side.


What is the most loyal pet bird?

Generally, the most loyal pet bird is the one you have spent time, energy, and love hand-taming.

What is the best bird to get as a pet?

The best bird will depend on your family’s lifestyle and the amount of time and effort you can commit to your new feathered companion.

What is the easiest pet bird to tame?

Birds differ in their ease of taming, but parakeets, cockatiels, and conures are known to be relatively easy to tame.

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