How to get two dogs to get along: Putting the Woof in Teamwork

Are you a proud dog parent of two dogs? Are you looking for helpful tips on how to get your two dogs to get along and live in harmony?

Well, look no further! The key is all about establishing boundaries, earning trust, and introducing each dog properly.

With patience and consistency, your two furry friends will soon be best buds. Let’s get started!

How to get two dogs to get along?

If you have two dogs in the same household, then it’s important to make sure they get along. But how do you achieve harmony between two of man’s best friends? Here are 7 ways to get two dogs to get along:

1. Establish leadership:

Establish yourself as the leader of the pack by making sure both your pups know who is boss.

Give each dog its own space, show them boundaries, and stick by them consistently – this way they will learn who is in charge.

2. Introduce gradually:

When introducing one dog to another, let their first meeting be quick and relatively stress-free. Don’t let them meet face to face, but rather in a neutral space so neither dog can claim territory.

3. Exercise together:

Regular exercise is essential for any canine relationship. Going for long walks together or engaging in some active playtime will help both dogs bond and keep them physically fit at the same time!

4. Feed them separately:

Even if you feed your dogs the same food, it’s important to feed them separately in different rooms (or designated areas).

This way they won’t squabble over dinner and instead develop their own relationships with food.

5. Offer positive reinforcement:

Rewarding positive behavior is essential when it comes to getting two dogs to get along. Offer treats, compliments, or praises when they interact peacefully and ignore any minor scuffles that may occur.

6. Spend time together:

Letting your dogs hang out together is essential in helping them develop a strong relationship. Make sure to supervise them during playtime so you can keep an eye on potential issues and nip them in the bud if necessary.

7. Play games together:

Playing games like fetch or tug-of-war not only helps your pups bond but also provides an outlet for their pent-up energy. It’s also a great way to keep them entertained while reinforcing positive behaviors!

How long does it take for two dogs to get along?

There is no definite answer as to how long it takes for two dogs to become friends. There are several factors that may influence the amount of time needed for them to become comfortable with one another, including breed type, age, size, and personality.

When introducing two new dogs, one of the most important things to consider is their breed type.

Generally speaking, certain breeds are more naturally social than others and may take less time to get used to each other than breeds that are more independent or aloof.

For example, herding breeds such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds tend to form strong bonds with other animals rather quickly since they have a natural inclination to work together in groups.

The age of the dogs is also an important factor. Puppies may not be fully mature yet and they may need more time to acclimate to each other than adult dogs who are better able to understand social cues.

Young puppies will require extra patience and supervision during introductions, while older dogs may take less time getting used to one another because of their experience in interacting with other pets.

Size can also play a role in how long it takes for two dogs to get along.

Dogs that are significantly larger than one another may need more time to become comfortable with one another while two dogs of similar size will usually get along quicker.

Additionally, the personalities of each dog should be taken into consideration as certain individual temperaments may take longer than others to adjust to a new companion.

In conclusion, it can take anywhere from a few minutes or hours for two dogs to get along or it could take days or even weeks depending on their breed type, age, size, and personality.

The best approach when introducing two new dogs is patience and supervision in order to ensure that both animals feel safe and secure during the process.

What to do when two dogs don’t get along?

There are plenty of ways to help your dogs learn to live together in harmony. Here are five tips for managing and preventing doggy disputes:

1. Separate when necessary:

If two dogs can’t be in the same space without getting into a fight, separate them so they can have some breathing room.

Consider putting up baby gates or using crates to keep them apart when you’re not around to supervise.

2. Meet on neutral territory:

If possible, try introducing your pets outside of your home where neither one feels like it has territorial control over the other.

A nearby park is often an ideal spot for getting to know each other.

3. Don’t overly punish:

Though scolding is warranted in some cases, be sure not to overly punish your pets when they fight or misbehave.

This can create a negative association with the other dog and can lead to further issues in the future.

4. Train your pups:

Training classes or private sessions with an experienced dog behaviorist are invaluable tools for teaching your pets how to get along.

Learning proper behaviors for reacting to certain situations will help them learn the rules of living in harmony together.

5. Seek professional help:

If all else fails and you still have no luck getting your dogs to live peacefully together, it might be time for professional help from a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, or canine trainer.

They’ll be able to provide tailored advice that takes both of your pet’s personalities into account.


To sum up, getting two dogs to get along is no easy feat.

However, with patience, consistent reinforcement of positive behaviors, and plenty of distractions and activities to keep them occupied, it can be done!

With a little bit of time and effort from you and your furry friends, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved! So don’t give up hope – before too long your pups will be the best of pals.

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