Top Name Articles For A Pet Tortoise (Best Tortoise Names Ever!)


Tortoises are one of the pets among humans since they are cute, quiet, and they don’t leave any mess around the house. Even so, many people think that keeping a tortoise as a pet would be easy, but in reality, they require special treatments that not everyone can provide. Also, tortoises are known for their shy behavior, but never put two males together or they will start attacking each other. If you have a cute tortoise, we will help you to find a perfect name. In this article, we’ve covered all the best tortoise names that can inspire you. 

Top Names for Pet Tortoises

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Many people consider having a cute pet turtle as they have a long lifespan. And if they do have a long life to live, then you should consider the top tortoise names and choose one that is unique as ever. So we’ve prepared a list of over 200 top pet tortoise names that include cool, famous, and funny names to help you save time and weigh your options.

Best Names for Pet Tortoises


Now if you’re looking for specific tortoise names for both genders, whether male or female, then it is your lucky day. This list consists of over 190 names that are fit for a male or female turtle. If you don’t know the gender, then no worries, as we’ve included some tortoise names that are appropriate for both genders.

Top Popular Tortoises Pet Names


Since tortoises are unique to keep as a pet, we won’t count out how popular they are in pop culture. We all know the Ninja Turtles and other iconic tortoises in cartoons. So included in this list are over 200 popular tortoise names that come from cartoons as well. The list also includes exotic tortoise names too!


What is a good name for a tortoise?

You can name your pet tortoise with Tank due to their shell being hard enough just like a tank. Or you can choose like Zeke, CeeCee, or Jax

What is the best name for a tortoise?  

If you have a male tortoise you can name him with Hercule. We also like Paulie or Romeo. But if you have a female tortoise, you can name her Cherry, Penny or Ruby.

What is a famous name for a tortoise?

Donatello would be a famous tortoise name inspired by the Ninja Turtles. There are also many famous names like Oogway, Franklin, or Crush.


Having a tortoise as your pet would be a good idea, but you should take care of them due to their long lifespan. The average tortoise lifespan is 50 – 100 years old. Also, you should provide and take care of their needs and food. Most tortoises need fresh fruit, vegetables, mice, and insects to eat. But overall, a tortoise is a cute pet you can have, and this article helps you to name your cute tortoise. 

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