Would You Support a Law Requiring Dog Owners To Walk Their Pets Twice A Day?

Did you know that a new law in Germany called Hundeverordnung, or Dogs Act. states that dog owners in Germany must walk their pets twice a day?   

It is creating a lot of discussion with a lot of dog owners and really defining what is considered animal cruelty. I honestly do not know where I sit (or stand) on this one.

Obviously all dogs need regular exercise, bathroom breaks, and a chance to interact with other people and dogs. Some breeds require much more activity than others, especially those not blessed with a fence yard or another pup to play with.

For those dogs that are confined to small condos or apartments, especially larger dogs.. May not be the best environment for them if not getting out daily…. But a lot of discussion around the role of government in your dog’s life.

Would you support a law stating how many times a day you must walk your dog?  

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  • Would you support a law requiring dog owners to walk their dogs atleast twice a day?

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