8 Reasons to Have Guinea Pigs as Pets

Are you thinking of owning an exotic pet? Have you considered a guinea pig yet? Well, it will be one of the best choices in your life. Everyone does not appreciate this pet because of some misconceptions. Sometimes people get confused between a hamster and a guinea pig. But these two are entirely different from each other. They have diverse characteristics and behaviors. Guinea pigs are much sweeter and affectionate than a hamster.

Apart from that, there are many reasons to choose this cute, short-tailed animal as a pet.

1. Your Children Will Get a New Friend

If you have a little child in your home, you have to choose a pet cautiously. You will be amazed to know that guinea pigs will help your children to learn life lessons like compassion and accountability for living things. But keep in mind that they are also babies. So at the end of the day, you have to take all the responsibility to take care of your pet and kids.

These pets never hide from humans. Guinea pigs are hardy. So you don’t have to think or worry all the time while playing with them. But children should play with them under an adult’s supervision. Otherwise, they can injure your little pet friend.

2. The Most Budget-Friendly Pet

If your budget is short, then what can be a better pet than a guinea pig? You can simply visit a pet shop and welcome your new family member to your home. These small rodents will cost you $30 to $50 maximum.

After adopting your new pet, you have to feed them properly. It will cost you only $5 to $10 per month, which is much lesser than a dog or a cat’s food. You can even get a great low-cost deal where pet owners offer food, cage, and all other necessary items at a reasonable price. Apart from that, you may have to welcome a veterinarian for frequent check-ups.

3. Take Care of a Guinea Pig Without Any Hassle

Taking care of a pet is not a piece of cake. You need to invest a lot of time in them. Sometimes people don’t buy a pet just because they don’t have enough time. In that case, you can unmistakably own a guinea pig. It is so easy to take care that you can own it even if you have to maintain an unpredictable schedule.

All that is required to do is buying a big cage for bidding. They will stay there happily. Don’t forget to feed your new pet with fresh vegetables, hay, and pellets. Additionally, place a bowl of water aside. They need the supplements of Vitamin C daily. Keep these small and useful things in mind, and you can enjoy with your pet friend for a long time.

4. A Long Lifespan Makes Them a Great Pet

A pet owner always tries to take care of his pet as a family member. Losing a pet for a lifetime is one of the most devastating experiences in anyone’s life because of the emotional bond. Sometimes people need a therapist to overcome this loss. They don’t even think about getting a pet for the next time. In that case, you can definitely buy a guinea pig as it has a long lifespan. The average life span is 6 to 8 years, while a hamster lasts for only a few years. So if you are an emotional person, you can try a guinea pig.

5. Enjoy the Company of an Affectionate Pet

Guinea pigs are affectionate. They love to be in a group. So instead of purchasing just one pet, you can consider a group of guinea pigs. If you do so at the end of the day, you can play with a happy friend.

Apart from that, you can witness their sweetness and affection daily as they are quite interactive. So you will start enjoying your new rodent friend’s company soon.

6. Discover a New Way of Entertainment

People usually love to stay with their pets as they can play with them after dealing with a hectic schedule in the office. So if you want a guinea pig to get excellent life experience, then you will definitely love the companionship between you too.

Their quirky personality impresses everyone. Buy 2 to 3 little balls and pet tunnels for them, and you will see their happiness. Their natural instinct of hiding and running entertains every pet owner. Indoor will be best for them to make them comfortable and safe.

These pigs also love mental stimulation. They love to jump continuously in the air when they are happy.

7. The Uniqueness of Guinea Pigs is Impressive

Guinea pigs are famous for their uniqueness. Two owners of guinea pigs cannot have the same experience. You must be wondering why! That’s because of their personality. Some are quite shy, while others have a dominant and bold personality. But they look the same and act differently.

So at the time of purchasing your favorite pet, don’t forget to interact with him. You will easily understand whether his personality can meet your expectations or not. Let’s understand it with an example. If you want to take your pet while going to a picnic with your friends, you can pick the cuddly one. On the other hand, if you are hunting for some entertainment at the end of the day, choose the bold one.

8. You’ll Never Feel Alone

Guinea pigs make an audible purr sound, especially when they are in a joyful mood. Apart from that, you may hear many sounds like rumbling or wheeking. They literally start speaking for chattering if they are angry.

The best part is popcorning, which you shouldn’t miss. If they are happy, they will start jumping, running backward and forward, and kicking with their legs. This behavior is adorable.

Therefore, if you are looking for an unusual pet that you can keep in your home without any hassle, then nothing can be better than a guinea pig. This journey will take you to a new path where you will get a lifetime experience. In short, you will start encountering the positive sides of your life after getting a guinea pig.

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