10 Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets

Whenever we think about pets, different animals come in our mind like cats, dogs, birds or fish. But have you ever imagined that rats could be great pets? Yes! You heard it right! Rat lovers are always misunderstood. But you will be amazed to know that for the last 200 years, rats have been great companions of their human friends.

Fancy rat is a term that differentiates domesticated rats from other rodents. This term was coined in the 1800s. Many impressive qualities of fancy rats make them a perfect choice. First of all, they don’t show aggression like other caged pets. Second, unlike other rodent pets like hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits, they are compliant of a disposition.

The best part is these incredibly intelligent domesticated rats are trustworthy by nature. These pets entertain both adults and kids. Entering into this new world and getting the ownership of a fancy rat is an exciting journey. So without wasting much time, let’s dig deep into it.

1. Do You Have to Maintain a Busy Schedule Daily?

In this busy world, most of the pet owners have to maintain a hectic schedule. As a result, they fail to steal time for their pets, and it creates a negative impact on their pets. But fancy rats are quite different from others. You can leave them with their cagemate and different stimulating toys. They will entertain themselves without any complaints.

Always keep in mind that these pets crave for our love. But that doesn’t mean you cannot take more responsibilities just because of them. In these situations, you don’t have to worry at all because they will never feel neglected.

2. Enjoy With Your Best Entertainment Partner

You will be perplexed to know that each domesticated rat is different from the other. They have different personalities. People usually don’t even expect these personalities from these cuties. So ready to get surprised! Some rats are mischievous, while others are shy. Keep in mind that they are incredibly intelligent. So if you grow them properly, you will witness a great bond between you two that will never change. You cannot differentiate each one by their color. But you can quickly identify your new rat friend by its personality.

3. Are You a Cleanliness Freak?

People usually avoid pets because of their dirty nature. But this one is an exception. Domesticated pets never feel the whole cage with dirt as they can easily identify their potty area. However, you have to deal with urine trails as they use this as a signal. Through this, they understand that this is the place where they live. You can even give them potty training just like a baby by using a small box.

4. Be a Good Trainer

Domesticated rats are just like mud. You can give them your desired shape. They understand human language beautifully. Can you imagine that these little pets understand the reward system as well? So you can train them some advanced tricks. It’s impressive that these rats can also identify landmines and rewire buildings. So you can easily understand how smart they are. Call them by their name, and they will respond to you instantly!

5. Domesticated Rats Are Healthy

As an owner, you just have to take care of their birth, and they will stay healthy for a long time. If you are emotionally attached to a pet, you start caring about its health like a family member. In that case, you don’t have to worry at all because they usually never fall sick. But keep in mind that females sometimes get infected with mammary cancer.

But you can avoid this situation quite easily if you spray it and prepare a balanced diet for them. Apart from that clean cage is also crucial for its health. Regular exercise helps fancy rats to stay fit just like humans.

6. What Is Your Budget?

If your budget is low, then these fancy rats are the best solution for you. Everything is available at a cheap rate, starting from their foods to toys, gyms or homes. They also love to eat human foods like vegetables, fruits, meats or grains. That’s why they love to hide in your left dinner boxes. So feed them just like a family member.

7. Enjoy Their Affection and Friendliness

You must have noticed the aggressiveness of other pets. But domesticated fancy rats are quite different. Buy them from a reputable breeder, and let your young children enjoy their company. They are small and affectionate. The best thing is they don’t usually bite. Even if you buy these rats from a novice breeder, they will never bite because rats are docile creatures. So your children will be completely safe with these cute little pets. But it’ll take some time. So wait for it.

8. Variety Makes Them an Excellent Choice

Different colors, types, sizes, and varieties are available. So you can choose the best one according to your preferences. Still selecting the best one will be a herculean task for you as all these varieties are too cute. Some rats have no tail, while some are hairless. Some are Rex quoted while others have dumbo ear. But all have one common thing that is they are super cute. So pick the one according to your test.

9. Enjoy Their Fat Tummy

You will surely fall in love with a rat’s fat belly. But don’t treat it like a dog. You have to gain complete trust before doing so. It should be comfortable with your first. Check the direction of their whiskers and rub in the same direction. Never pull them forward as it will be irritating for them.

10. They Are Easily Available

If you already have a domesticated rat and you are looking for his companion, then you can find it quite easily. But it is always suggested to buy it from a professional breeder. Many people love to do it because it is their hobby. You can trust them too. Apart from that, different pet shops are available where you can visit for easy adoption.

People love to enjoy the company of fancy rats for many reasons. So you can also buy these new pets and gain a completely new experience.

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