Snake Tattoo Meanings – What Does The Snake Symbolize As A Tattoo?


Did you know that snakes are some of the most popular tattoo designs around?

But what do they mean?

What is the symbolism behind these designs?

Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself, but it’s important to choose something that has meaning for you.

So if you’re thinking about getting a snake tattoo, here are some of the meanings you could explore. 

Mythology and Folklore

One of the most common interpretations of snake tattoos is that they represent mythology and folklore.

From the Garden of Eden to Medusa, there are countless stories about snakes that have captured our imaginations for centuries.

For many people, these tales symbolize something larger than life – they’re a way to explore the human condition and our relationship with the natural world.

For others, they’re simply a way to show their love of storytelling.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that has a deep meaning, this could be the perfect option for you.



Another common interpretation of snake tattoos is that they offer protection.

In many cultures, snakes are seen as guardian spirits that can ward off evil forces.

For some people, this is the perfect way to show their belief in the supernatural.

Others simply see it as a way to protect themselves from harm.

Either way, it’s a powerful symbol that can be very meaningful.


Another popular meaning of snake tattoos is transformation.

In many cultures, snakes are seen as creatures that undergo regular transformations.

They shed their skin every few months, which is seen as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

For some people, this makes them the perfect tattoo choice.

It represents a fresh start in life or a new chapter that they’re ready to begin.

No matter what your reasons are, a snake tattoo can be a beautiful and powerful way to express yourself.

Just make sure you choose a design that has meaning for you.

What does each snake symbolize?

There are many different types of snake tattoos, each with its own symbolism.

Here are some of the most popular designs and what they represent:

Cobra Tattoos

Source: tattoogrid

The cobra is a symbol of power, authority, and strength. It’s often seen as a protector and can be used to ward off evil spirits.

In some cultures, the cobra is also seen as a symbol of rebirth and transformation. Check the list of awesome cobra tattoo designs.

Pythons Tattoos

Source: Pinterest

Pythons are often seen as symbols of wisdom and knowledge. They’re also associated with healing and protection.

In many cultures, pythons are seen as guardian spirits that can help guide people through difficult times.

Check the collect python tattoo designs.

Rattlesnake Tattoos

Source: tattooswin

Rattlesnakes are often seen as symbols of warning and caution. They’re also associated with strength, power, and authority.

In some cultures, rattlesnakes are also seen as guardian spirits that can help protect people from harm.

Check the traditional rattlesnake tattoo designs

Viper Tattoos

Source: tattoofilter

Vipers are often seen as symbols of death and destruction. They’re also associated with danger and fear.

In some cultures, vipers are also seen as guardian spirits that can help people overcome their fears.

No matter what type of snake tattoo you choose, be sure to pick a design that has meaning for you.

Check the viper tattoo designs.

Snake tattoo placements

Snake tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

Some of the most popular placements include:

No matter where you choose to put your tattoo, be sure to pick a placement that you’re comfortable with.

After all, it’s something you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.

Snake tattoo designs

There are endless possibilities when it comes to snake tattoo designs.

You can choose a simple snake design or go for something more elaborate.

Some people even choose to combine their snake tattoo with other elements, such as flowers or skulls.

It’s really up to you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our gallery of snake tattoo designs.

You’ll find a wide variety of designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that you love.


Snake tattoos can have a variety of different meanings, depending on the type of snake and the design.

Mythology and folklore, protection, transformation, wisdom, and knowledge are all common interpretations.

Before getting a snake tattoo, think about what the design means to you and what you want it to symbolize.

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