What Does a Tiger Tattoo Mean? The True Meaning of Tiger Tattoos

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Tattoos are a popular way to express oneself, and often convey deep meaning. Tigers are one of the most popular tattoos, but what does a tiger tattoo mean?

This post will explore the symbolism and meaning behind the tiger tattoo.

Whether you’re considering getting a tiger tattoo or just curious about its meaning, read on for some insights!

Tiger Tattoos: Meaning and Symbolism


A tiger tattoo can symbolize a variety of traits, depending on the intent of the person getting the tattoo. If you’re thinking about getting a tiger tattoo or had one in the past, knowing more about its meaning and symbolism might help guide your decision.

Here we will explore some common meanings behind the tiger tattoo, which ones resonate with you, and how to express what the symbol means to you.

Strength and power

Powerful Animal Tiger tattoos are often chosen because of their symbolism of strength and power. Whether for protection or personal empowerment, many people feel that tigers have certain qualities they want to embody in themselves.

In nature, tigers are big cats who hunt their prey with strength and force.

In fact, tigers have been known to attack people when they feel threatened or provoked. Their strong jaws and teeth are perfect for tearing up flesh and holding on to it as they drag it away from danger.


Aggression A tiger tattoo can also symbolize aggression or even unbridled rage.

Tigers kill their prey by biting through the neck of their victim, leaving deep puncture marks in their skin. This is an aggressive act, meant to inflict damage and hurt the other animal.

Tigers also roar, which can come across as an aggressive display to intimidate others or take what they want.

When people get tiger tattoos, they might be exploring aggression in themselves and finding a way to express it without actually harming themselves or others.

Fierceness and ferocity


Another meaning behind tiger tattoos is fierceness and ferocity.

People with tiger tattoos express strength and courage in the face of adversity, which is why they might be chosen by someone facing a particularly challenging situation in their life.

Tigers are known for hunting animals much bigger than themselves, such as buffalo and deer. This requires both fierceness and courage to take on an opponent much bigger than oneself.


Tigers are also known for their protective characteristics. Tigers are fiercely protective of their cubs and will kill other animals in order to protect them.

Many people choose the tiger tattoo in the hopes of embodying this sense of protection in themselves. People who get tattoos depicting tigers might want to be more willing to stand up for themselves and those they care about.

They might also want to feel more protective of their friends and family.

Natural symbolism Tigers


Natural symbolism Tigers are a natural symbol that can be found in many ancient legends and myths, which makes them attractive as a tattoo design just like lion tattoo designs.

In Hinduism, the tiger is seen as a symbol of wisdom, courage, and ferocity. Tigers are also important in Chinese and Japanese symbolism and were often used as symbols on clothing and belongings to depict those who possessed those traits.

If you’re thinking about getting a tiger tattoo but aren’t sure of its meaning, some research into these ancient legends might help guide your decision-making process.


After examining the many meanings behind tiger tattoos, one might resonate with you more than the others.

If strength and power are what you want to convey in your tattoo, then the tiger is an excellent choice to depict this in your ink.

You can also research other images that represent the power to see whether they make a better fit for you than the tiger does.

No matter what meaning you choose to give your tiger tattoo, make sure it is one that you can uphold in your everyday life.

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