Top 10 Kind And Friendly Dog Breeds

#7 Dachshund

It seems that in this breed all the advantages that only a person’s best friend can have been collected. These dogs are bold and energetic, but at the same time, they remain completely balanced. Dachshund is a curious and independent dog. She will always remain loyal to you and will be friends with all members of the family.

#8 Poodle

Dogs of this breed are able to play with children for a long time or for a long time to lie calmly and listen to people of advanced age. A poodle is strongly attached to the owner. He is helpful and easy to train, and sometimes you can even notice how the dog imitates its owner.

#9 Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a very playful and energetic dog, happily frolicking with both people and dogs and becomes a great companion for the child in the game. They are easy to learn and are always ready to go for a walk. This is a friendly, affectionate and calm dog that needs activity: jogging on a bike, running.

#10 Pug

A pug is a cheerful dog, very playful and open. Children are always interested in playing with her, as this dog can boast of acting talent. A pug is able to entertain a person with sometimes clumsy movements and his groaning. They never show aggression, but they can respond to a doorbell and suspicious noises, and all in order to warn the owner.

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