10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Bark

Check out the 10 breeds below that tend to be among the quietest dog breeds.

#2 Bullmastiff

The giant bullmastiff is very quiet. He is calm, measured, and prefers to communicate by snorting or sniffing. He does not like to bark at all.

#4 Shar Pei

Very cute wrinkled doggie. A dog can shake his voice only during a very exciting game or when he considers that the owner is in real danger.

#5 Rhodesian Ridgeback

They prefer to protect the family by force and power, rather than by loud barking. Very silent and quiet.

#6 Akita Inu

The voice is cast only in case of serious alarm. For the rest, they prefer to be silent. Therefore, they are also called "silent hunters."

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