12 Perfect Cat Breeds for Each Zodiac Signs

Cats of different breeds can differ not only in appearance but also in temperament☝️. If you are a Sphinx lover, you won`t get along with a Persian cat. Have you ever wondered which cat breed is perfect for you?🤔

#1 Aries: British shorthair

People born under the sign of Aries should be leaders. They are true researchers. Sometimes they are aggressive, but it will lead to something new.  British Shorthair cat is definitely the best companion for Aries.

#2 Taurus: Siamese

Taurus are strong independent individuals and can be very stubborn. They are men of their word and duty and honor matter above all things to them. You can completely rely on them. So the Siamese cat is the best choice for Taurus.

#3 Gemini: Persian

Gemini is highly ambitious, very energetic, and are doing their best to make their dreams come true. They are those who inspire others to follow their dreams as an example. The Persian cat is a perfect friend for Gemini.

#4 Cancer: Ragdoll

Cancers are the most mysterious people. They can be both rationalists and dreamers. Their unpredictability is their main distinguishing feature. Ragdoll is Cancer`s best companion.

#5 Leo: Maine Coon

Lions are true warriors. They can fiercely defend their loved ones, being completely indifferent to those they hate. They are compassionate people, but they can kill you if you provoke them. Maine Coon is the only breed that will be a perfect soul mate for Lions.

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