14 Breathtaking Pictures Proving That Cats Really Have Spiritual Powers

#7 Cats can move between worlds, so they can be a connection between the real world and the netherworld.

#8 Every true witch has a cat.

According to claims of accusers in "burning times, witches could be consorting with the devil via their cats.๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿฑ

#10 Witches also need cats to act as familiars.

A familiar is a cat that witches can feel particularly attuned to spiritually and which feels particularly attuned to trance or meditation energies.

#11 Don`t even try to lie to me, human!

Cats feel the lie. They are like a mirror you`re looking at.

#12 Are black cats still a good luck charm?

Japanese people believe that itโ€™s very important for single women to have a cat, as a cat can attract handsome suitors. 

To have a black cat at home mysteriously is a good omen in Scotland.

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