14 Facts Dachshund Lovers Know By Heart

For some people, Dachshund is just a short small dog with a hard-to-spell name.😅 But if you have a dachshund, you know they’re the best dogs in the world.😁😇Here are some interesting facts about dachshunds.✌😊

#1 The little dogs were bred 300 years ago in Germany to hunt badgers—their name literally means “badger hound” 🧐🐾

#2 Their short legs allow them to enter badger dens, and their fierce gusto gives them the courage to take on the 15-pound mammals.😃😎👍

#3 Nazi scientists boasted that they successfully taught the dogs to speak, read, spell, and even communicate telepathically.😎😋

#4 Germans believed that dogs were nearly as intelligent as humans.😃🐾

#5 Kurwenal was a dachshund that could “speak” with different numbers of barks for different letters—sort of like a canine telegraph.😏👌

#6 Originally all dachshunds were black and tan, but today, they sport a variety of looks.😃👍

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