14 Fascinating Facts About Catalan Sheepdogs

They are well known for being loyal, kind and friendly dogs that are highly intelligent. If you want somebody, who will cheer you up, adopt a Catalan Sheepdog!

#1 The Catalan sheepdog is a breed of Catalan Pyrenean dog used as a sheepdog.😊

#2 This dog is bred in Europe, especially in Spain, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.❤️😊

#3 The Catalan Sheepdog is a very ancient and rare breed of herding dogs🧐😉

#4 They were developed to be good at herding and guarding the flocks😇😄

#5 The Catalan Sheepdog’s coat is rough, long and can either be slightly wavy or straight.🙃🙂

#6 Catalan Sheepdogs are playful, active, intelligent and happy dogs😋

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