14 Historical Facts About The Hunter Dog – Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound is a fearless, reliable, energetic and extremely loyal friend. These dogs are a bit aloof from strangers, but they are always welcome to family members and other people they know.

#1 A Viking comrade, the watchman of lonely farms and farmsteads, a shepherd of sheep and a defender against wolves and bears, an eternal hunter and companion of brave travelers.

#2 The Norwegian Elkhound came to us after more than six thousand years, keeping all its Nordic features clean.

#4 Her remains were found next to the Viking master and his weapons – sure evidence of the respect she enjoyed in Western Norway.

#5 The dog that was selected and bred for its working qualities, acquired its characteristic type in a natural way.

#6 The breed is mainly used for hunting moose, but can also hunt badgers, lynx, mountain lions, bears, wolves.

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