14 Incredible Facts About the “Home Leopard” Known As Safari Cat

The Safari cat is a very intelligent breed.They are also known for having a calm temperament. If you are looking for a “home-leopard”, read to find out more information:

#1 The Safari Cat originates from the US😊

#2 It’s a mix between Geoffroy’s Cat and a moggy. 😍😁

#3 Originially, this cat was bred in the 1970s to aid leukaemia research carried out by Washington State University.😲

#4 Safari cats, the breed was extremely difficult to develop. This is why Safari cats are so rare nowadays😉🙃

#5 At first, the breed was called “Criollo”, and later on “Appaloosa.” 😇😊

#6 The name “Safari” was chosen in reference to the exotic nature of the cat😊

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