14 Interesting Facts About Ponies

Everyone knows that Ponies🦄 differ from ordinary Horses🐴 only in height. Their height at the withers does not exceed 140 cm, and this is considered as the only difference from large Horses. However, this is not true🙂😉.

Here you can find 14 interesting facts about Pony that you probably didn`t know.

#1 The lifespan of Pony can be up to 55 years!

Lifespan of large Horses is 25-30 years but Ponies can live almost twice longer😮😮😮!

#2 Ponies have a high ability to work.

Centuries ago Ponies were used in ore mining. Small sizes made it possible to harness Ponies even in narrow mountain mines.

#3 Ponies are “dog-like” animals.

Ponies are suffering when they get alone and require the attention of the owner. To grow obedient and well-mannered, Pony must see the owner at least several times a day.

#4 Ponies are easy to train.

Ponies are intelligent animals and have a sharp mind that allows them to be easy to train. They quickly learn how to do something good but also quickly master unwanted skills.

#5 Ponies are more likely to be obese than Horses.

So eating a balanced diet is good for them.

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