14 Life Hacks For Happy Cat Owners

A cat is not entertainment or salvation from loneliness❤️Often it becomes a full member of the family🐈❤️👩🏽

And I want your coexistence to be the most comfortable and bring joy to everyone😆🐈For those who want to make their pet’s life a little better easier and more fun – 14 secrets from experienced cat owners💡

#1 Remove the panel from the cabinet door, pull the cable, hang the curtain – and hide the cat tray there. It is convenient for you and the cat! 🐈

#2 The cat will appreciate the green lawn in the box, and the appearance of the apartment will only benefit from it🌾🐈

#4 You don’t have to buy a cat hammock either – you can make it from a piece of cloth and belts by attaching them to the legs of the table😸💤

#6 If you are feeding stray cats in the yard, keep in mind that you can build a warm house from several old containers for them🏡💤😸

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