14 Life Hacks For Happy Cat Owners

#7 Such a homemade toy from a kitchen container will really appeal to a cat! 😺🐈❤️

#8 Glue a piece of carpet on a piece of wood – here you have an almost free scratching post and at the same time an exquisite wall design! 👍🏼😸❤️🐈

#9 The toilet paper box and sleeves easily turn into a new cat toy! 👍🏼❤️😸

#10 From a storage module and sisal rope, it’s easy to make a cat house with a scratching post🏡😸

#11 If a cat scratches, buy vinyl caps on its claws for it – and everyone will feel better! 😺👍🏼🐾

#12 To wean a cat from jumping onto the armrests of chairs or other places he loves, just stick double-sided tape there👍🏼🐾❌

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