14 Photos of Dogs Before and After They Pulled Themselves Together and were Able to Lose Weight

Many strive to achieve a dream figure and apply various measures for this: go to gyms, count calories. But being overweight is a misfortune inherent not only to people but also to their pets. Therefore, our smaller brothers also sometimes have to go on a diet. We present you a selection of photos of dogs that have managed to lose weight and their impressive results can be an excellent motivating example for two-legged people💪 🐶❤️

#2 The difference between the photo is 10 months and 10 kg💪🏼🐶

#3 Spanky weighed almost 11 kg and was able to lose weight up to 7 kg💪🏼🐶

#4 52.6 kg in November 2017 compared to 38.6 kg in August 2018💪🏼🐶

#5 This is Ray. The difference between the photo – yea💪🏼🐶

#6 And this is Sophie. Even the owner forgot what she was like💪🏼🐶

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