14 Photos of Ninja-Cats Who Hiding in New Places Every Day

Every cat owner knows what it feels like when you can’t find your pet anywhere. Grace Spelman, a New York-based writer and comedian, lives with Pieroji’s cat, which can give master classes in cat spy art to the ninja. In October, Spelman moved to another apartment, and a curious cat decided to explore all the available corners and hide every day from the mistress in a new place🐈

Grace invited her subscribers to play a game with her and published several quests, “Find Pieroji.” People go crazy looking, especially when a white animal is on the background of white walls. The game is complicated by the correct camera angles, as well as the mess in the writer’s house😂🐱

#2 And this is the first riddle with a cat that Spelman offered her followers on Twitter. The answer in the following photo🐈😺📸

#4 For starters, a simple task where it is easy to find a cat🐱🐈

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