14 Pros And Cons Of The Golden Retriever Best Family Dogs

Golden retrievers are very smart, noble and good-natured dogs. You can understand this by looking into their eyes. Animals are quite calm, balanced and peaceful. Next to such a pet you definitely won’t feel alone! It is this breed that is most often used as guide dogs! What else should you know when making such a friend? What is the nature of the Golden Retriever? Let’s figure it out.

#1 Openness and sincerity.

Animals are always ready to make contact. And it doesn’t matter to them whether it’s the owner or an outsider.

#2 Love for children.

Retrievers simply adore children and are considered excellent nannies.

#3 Obedient.

Dogs of this breed are very obedient and easy to train. They are ready to fulfill any requirements and commands to please their owners.

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