14 Silky Facts About Birman Cats

The Birman Cat is the breed with silky, light fur and dark-tipped face. The Birman cat looks like the Siamese`s fluffy cousin but there is a big difference between them. 馃樆馃樅Let`s read to learn more!

#1 Like many cat breeds, the Birman has a romantic origin story. 馃挄馃尯

#2 In reality, no one quite knows where Birman comes from, or when it first arrived in Europe. Many people believe the cats were once sacred companions to temple priests in ancient Myanmar.馃槉

#3 By some accounts, the cats were later imported from Asia to France.馃挋馃挍馃挌

#4 However, one fact remains certain: The Birman breed was first recognized and shown in France in the 1920s.馃馃憣

#5 According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA)鈥攖he world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats鈥攖he Birman nearly became extinct when cat fanciers stopped breeding it during World War II.馃槆馃惥

#6 At one point, they say, there was only one breeding pair of Birman Cats left in the country. To further the unique cat’s bloodline, owners had to outcross it with other breeds, presumably Persians.馃槸

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