14 Unexpected Facts About Basenjis

Basenji is an ancient African breed known for its cat-like personality.😺 If you want to find out more, let`s read!😏😊

#1 These dogs most likely originated in Central Africa, between the Congo Basin and South Sudan, and were probably kept as hunting companions.👌😏

#2 Experts believe they may have been gifted to the Pharaohs of Egypt, who were said to love the animals for their cat-like personalities and clean coats.😺

#3 They can be seen in ancient bas-reliefs and sculptures.💁‍♀️

#4 The first illustration of the breed was found in tombs of the Great Pyramid of Khufu; the dogs can also be found on shields, walls, and drawings, and there are even some mummified Basenji.😮

#5 Most dog breeds will hunt using either sight (like greyhounds) or smell (like beagles), but Basenji dogs use both sight and smell to find their prey. 😏😎

#6 Masai hunters use about four of these dogs at a time to find lions and get them out in the open. 😮🦁

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