15 Dogs And Their Owners At The Beginning Of Friendship And After Many Years

Growing up with a dog is wonderful, especially when the friendship between a person and a dog lasts throughout childhood, adolescence, and part of adult life. These four-legged friends will never betray, they are always there: when you go to first grade when you break your heart for the first time when you apply for admission to the college🐩💕👧🏽

We have collected for your photos of pets and their owners at the very beginning of their relationship and now. Unfortunately, dogs do not live as long as we would like, and it is always a big pain to part with a friend who was there for as long as you remember. But from this, people will not stop turning dogs, because it’s impossible to find a soulmate🐶❤️

#5 In the first photograph, Dylan was about 14 months old, and Koubu was about 9 weeks old. Now Dylan is 12 years old, and Koubu is 11❤️

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