15 Interesting Facts About Thai Ridgebacks

#7 Thai Ridgeback is neat. They love warmth and comfort. Often you can see something in the chair or on the owner’s bed under the covers.

#8 The dog does not like water. He refuses to swim in the river or lake, even in hot weather.

#9 The most important thing for him is the owner, whom he chooses on his own. He obeys him implicitly. The dog also appreciates those households who feed him and walk him. He can neglect the opinion of others.

#10 Ridgeback puppies are creased like Shar-Pei and Mastiff. Over time, they will straighten out, and the skin will become smooth.

#11 The breed’s standard is considered 4 types of color: red (from light red to dark red), black, blue (from heaven to the color of wet asphalt) and isabella (pinkish-cream with a gray tint). The presence of a white spot on the chest is allowed. Dog with a red color may have a black mask.

#12 As a result of centuries-old natural selection, animals gained good health.

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