15 Reasons Why the Labrador Retriever is the Perfect Family Dog

It’s not just the most popular dog in the world for families, it’s one of the most fun dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.

#1 It’s Gentle

Despite the fact that Labrador retrievers are known for having the same enthusiasm for life as a small child, they are very gentle with kids. 

#2 It’s Friendly

All dogs are friendly when they want to be, but the lab is one of the friendliest.

#3 It’s Patient

It’s true that the lab has some very childlike tendencies and the same zest for fun, but they’re very patient. 

#4 It’s Intelligent

You’ll find smart dogs in the world. Some will say their dog is the smartest. Others will say this breed is the smartest or that breed is the smartest, or their cat is far smarter than any smart dog; but the lab is a smart dog.

#5 It’s Affectionate

Labs love their people. They love cuddling. They love hugs. They love to be close. 

#6 It’s Protective

While it might be friendly and well-mannered and even-tempered, this is not the kind of dog that you want to mess with.

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