15 Tips For Caring For A Decorative Rabbit

Rabbits are undoubtedly very cute creatures.🐰 But before you get a rabbit, remember that rabbits live up to 10-12 years. Throughout his life, the rabbit needs attention and care.

#1 The key rule is to initially purchase the cage and the necessary equipment, and only then the rabbit.

#2 These pets do not tolerate overheating, direct sunlight, stuffiness.🌞 Do not place the rabbit cage in the sun.

#3 For them, dampness, high humidity, drafts are harmful. By the way, these animals do not sweat.

#4 The most comfortable temperature for them: + 18-20 ° C, humidity 50%.

#5 In summer, you can cover the cage with a wet towel, and you can also put a plastic bottle with pieces of ice in the cage.

#6 These are cowardly animals, with a fragile spine, hold them tight in your arms.

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