16 Photos of Beautiful Cats From Cold Finland

Winter is behind us and in memory of it, we offer you to admire the snowy beauties of Northern Finland, against which fluffy cats frolic.  Perhaps these wonderful photos will make this March day a little better❄️🐈❤️

#1 Meet Sämpy, Hiskias Hääppönen, Elmeri and Nelli, seals who love snow. In an interview, Rijkka Hedman, the owner of Sämpy and other cats, spoke about these magnificent animals, their “careers”, and how Sämpy became a favorite cat on the Internet. Be sure to scroll down to enjoy the majesty of these cats!🐈❤️❄️

#2 “Sämpy is a 6 year old domestic cat. She is not purebred, although she looks like a Norwegian forest cat ”😻

#3 “Elmeri, a gray cat, 11 years old, and he is also a domestic cat” 😹

#4 “Hiskias, the largest cat without white socks, half Norwegian forest cat, 2 years old” 😼

#5 “The social media accounts also have photos of the gray-white cat Nelli, but she passed away earlier this year,” Rijkka told about her cats🐈

#6 The owner also said that Sämpy loves outdoor activities when the weather is not too cold🐈❄️

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