20 Photos Of Cats That Will Make Your Day

Cats are amazing creatures. It’s hard to find a sweeter and fun pet than this mustachioed charm. If you don’t have a cat or cat, you can see WHAT you are missing. These are incredibly glorious and funny animals that will never be bored. So, in our issue – the best cats of all time💕🐈😹

#1 Magician assistant😹🎩

A very important shot, because cats almost never use their magical abilities in public.

#2 Style icon😂👸🏽

Most people think that high fashion is subjective, but you probably have not seen this cat and its perfect, beautiful and elegant Haute couture outfit: a synthesis of form and functionality.

#3 A resident of the wardrobe😂👗👖

This photo symbolizes perseverance and determination, despite the initially bad idea. Uncomfortable, but I will not give up!

#4 Caught in the act😹🍦

Is the host trying to steal your ice cream? Enough tolerating this!

#5 The thinker cat and his duck thinker😹🐥

Is there life on Mars?

#6 This cat is clearly unique – he knows that a sandwich is tastier if you put it with sausage on your tongue. And water is tastier if you drink it in this position😹😹😹

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