5 Everyday Smells That Dogs Can’t Stand That You Should Know

There are several smells that your dog does not tolerate and will most likely avoid.

If your dog runs around the house and starts to spoil things, pee on your carpet or chew furniture,  you can limit his/her movement. The best way to do it is aroma protection.

After reading this article you will also understand why your dog sometimes stays away from you and doesn`t allow you to hug or pet him.

#1 Alcohol🍾🍾🍾

Did you notice that your dog stays away from you after you drank some alcohol? That`s because dogs don`t like the alcohol smell. But they hate rubbing alcohol smell the most.

So try not to drink any alcoholic beverages when you`re staying with your dog.🍷🥃🍸🍹🍾

#2 Table vinegar

Table vinegar has a very strong or repellent smell and dogs hate it! But the disadvantage of the vinegar is that this smell is unfriendly for humans too.

If you want to use vinegar against your dog, please remember that apple cider vinegar is actually beneficial for dogs. So you should use the table vinegar only!

#3 Chilli pepper🌶🌶🌶

Chili pepper includes capsaicin. This is the main ingredient making chili pepper so spicy and gives it so specific smell.

Just put the chili pepper pod near the door and you`ll discover that your dog doesn't enter the room.

The pepper really annoys the dog’s nose and the dog will feel a burning sensation.

#4 Perfume

Have you noticed that your dog begins to sneeze after your use of perfume or cologne? That`s because your perfume consists of hundreds of chemicals and dogs have a heightened sense of smell.

#5 Citrus🍋🍋🍋

Some dogs can't stand the citrus smell, especially the strong smell of lemon or orange. The main advantage of citrus is the fresh smell friendly for humans.

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