5 Reasons Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After Bath Time

Why do dogs go crazy after bath

It’s a classic scene: you give your dog a bath, and as soon as they’re out of the tub they start shaking off all the water.

You know the drill!

They run around the house, bouncing off furniture and walls. Why do they do this? Why do dogs go Crazy After Bath?

Dogs have a natural instinct to protect themselves from predators and to stay clean.

When they get wet, their natural instincts kick in and they start shaking off the water to dry off. So in a way- they’re just trying to dry off and keep themselves safe!

Here are the top reasons why they behave this way:

1. They’re excited to be clean again

Why do dogs go crazy after bath

Dogs love feeling clean and fresh, and they get a big burst of energy and excitement when they’ve just had a bath.

As they cannot contain their energy, they start running around the house.

Popularly known as zoomies, dogs let themselves go after a bath and become energetic bundles of joy!

2. They’re relieved the ordeal is over

Bath time can be a bit of a chore for dogs, so when it’s finally over they’re likely to let loose and go crazy with joy.

Most dogs hate bath time and it takes a lot of courage for them to stay in the soapy, bubbly water bath.

They whimper and sob or might jump around during bath time, so when it is over, all they want to do is chase freedom. So they start going crazy!

3. They love the attention

Why do dogs go crazy after bath

Dogs often see bath time as a chance to get some extra attention from their humans. They know we’re focused on them and they soak up the affection.

After a bath, they might want to stick close to us and enjoy the lovefest while it lasts.

Once they have your attention all they want to is play and have more fun!

4. They’re excited to play

Why do dogs go crazy after bath

After a bath, many dogs are raring to go and ready to play. All that built-up energy has to go somewhere!

Dogs are social creatures and love to play. So after a bath, when they have all this extra energy, they want to play with their human or canine friends.

5. They just feel good

Dogs have a natural sense of well-being and are likely to feel their best after a bath. It’s the perfect time for them to let loose and have some fun.

That is when their adrenaline rush kicks off and they start on with their zoomies.

In Conclusion

Why do dogs go crazy after bath

It turns out that dogs are very sensitive to smells. When they get wet, all of their natural oils are washed away.

This makes it difficult for them to smell anything other than the soap they were just washed with.

As a result, they become disoriented and confused, which can lead to them acting erratically.

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that dogs enjoy bath time a lot more than we give them credit for!

Also, after the zoomie session, they tire themselves out so much that after a while they might just want to snuggle with you and fall asleep.

So the next time your pup starts acting crazy after a bath, just remember that they’re not trying to drive you insane, they’re just trying to figure out what’s going on.

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