6 Facts About Cats That Will Surely Surprise You

Do you think you know everything about your cute furry pet? We’re sure that the following 6 facts about cats will surprise you!πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰

#1 Fact 1: Cats sleep for 18 hours a day!😲😲😲

Surprisingly, ha? When we`re at home we used to see our cats energetic, active and playful. But in reality, cats need 15-18 hours to sleep every day.

Considering pets, cats sleep much more time than any other pet.

#2 Fact 2: Some cats don`t hate water.

You must have thought that cats were afraid of water and that they would not come close to a pond. And you have reasons to think so! If a cat has a long coat, it will become very heavy after he starts swimming, so it makes cats panicking. Another reason is that cats hate cold but their body temperature drops drastically when they start swimming.

But there is a cat breed called Turkish Van cat who is not afraid of water.

#3 Fact 3: Cats have a good memory.

Cats possess excellent long-term memories.Β Β Cats have a human-like brain, but they have a much better memory. For example, cats can remember the path to the house, despite the distance. Just read the story of the cat names Kunkush who managed to find his family!

#4 Fact 4: Cat`s nose prints are unique.

You will never find two cats with the same nose prints! Yeah, it`s true! Cat nose prints as unique as human fingerprints. 

#5 Fact 5: Cats can`t sweat through their skin.

Due to their fur coat cats can`t sweat through their skin. But they do sweat, of course! Well, how? They sweat through their paws, tongue, and nose.

#6 Fact 6: Cat owners have a lower risk of a heart attack.

it`s not an issue to discuss, it`s a fact! The main result of a 10-year study of more than 4,000 Americans showed that owning a cat could reduce your risk of a heart attack by nearly 30%!

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