7 Best Dog Breeds For Travel

Ask any pup parent and they will tell you how much a dog can sense emotionally. It’s a deep friendship. Here’s the list of the dogs, that are best for traveling.

#1 Husky

Husky is the leader. Since it was originally intended for long trips or transportation of something.

#2 German Shepherd

This is a universal dog, that is confirmed by the year of her service in strong structure, MES, etc. And among the lovers of active relaxation, she is also respected. She is well suited for security alone.

#3 Labrador

Among the popular breeds, which are often taken in the hike, and even the Labrador is. They are balanced, energetic, fairly large. They have a unique coat, which, in some ways, is similar to water, which is also not unimportant in similar conditions. They are great companions and friends.

#4 Border Collie

Initially, the dog appeared as an assistant to the farmer in the pen of lambs in the stall, as well as for the protection of the herd. Today, this fun and energetic dog has become an excellent companion for urban residents.

#5 Schnauzer

Smart companion and security guard - schnauzer. This is originally a service dog.  The temper is balanced. A wonderful companion for the traveler who will guard him.

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