9 Breeds Of Dogs That Were Bred In France

There are over 20 dog breeds that were developed in France, quite a big number.

#1 Ariegeois

This breed came from the crossing of a blue Gascon hound, a Gascon-Sentong hound and various breeds of marriage.

#2 Basset Hound

Basset Hound is a stocky breed of dogs with short legs from the beagle family.

#3 Grand Griffon Vendeen

Hunting breed of dogs bred in France and existed in the XVI century.

#4 Berger de Beauce

Beauceron is quite a large dog but differs in special grace and article. The bodyweight of such a dog is about 50 kg, max height — 70 cm.

#5 Dogue de Bordeaux

Breed of service dogs from the dog-like group. Other names - French mastiff, Bordeaux bulldog. In France, the breed is known for several centuries and is famous as a formidable watchman.

#6 Berger de Brie

Today in France, 14 species of shepherd dogs are common, and the most famous of them are the Briard. "Briar Shepherd Dog", that's what the breed of dog was called in France, which meant a French shepherd with long hair.


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