9 Charming Curly Dog ​​Breeds

There are many genetic reasons why a dog might have a curly-haired coat. To find your canine hair soulmate, keep reading.

#1 American Cocker Spaniel

This is a relative of the English representative of the breed, only much less.

#2 English Cocker Spaniel

He loves to inform his household about everything that happened with a cheerful bark.

#3 Bishon Frise

Their advantage is the absence of a smell characteristic of dogs, they do not fade, their coat does not cause allergies.

#4 Welsh Terrier

Despite the modest dimensions of the breed, its representatives are charged with courage and courage, because of which it is extremely undesirable to let go of the leash on busy streets and in the field of view of larger dogs. And welsh know what real friendship is.

#5 Maltipoo

This is a cross between a dwarf Poodle and a Maltese lapdog.

#6 Poodle

Unpretentious, charming “guy” from France with a very kind heart.

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